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Back to school for Social Media

By the time you read this many of you will either be A) Getting stressed with the madness of sending the kids back to school or B) Relieved the kids are back at school

There’s a heavy weight of expectation regardless of whether it’s the leap to big school, the switch in pace from GCSE’s to A Levels or simply another new school year where the coursework get’s more intense and the exams get tougher

Throughout school there’s continual assessment and evaluation of your progression in the education system to push you to the next level – But how much of that continues for us when we start our own business?

There’s not a set of examiners or teachers telling us we have reached the acceptable pass rate or we’ve failed, there’s rarely a end of terms assessement to look at where we’re at and all too often the only assessment we put on ourselves is the end of year accounts.

Social Media is another aspect that unless you’ve been on a training course or treat it as a serious marketing tool you rarely evaluate and put goals or targets in place

So just for a moment think of all the phrases that used to appear on the School Reports when you were a child

  • “Must Try Harder”
  • “Works well on their own, but struggles to engage with others”
  • “Talks to much and is disruptive to others”
  • “Lacks clarity and focus in what they’re trying to achieve”
  • “Needs occasional prodding”
  • “Noticeable decline in achievement since previous term”
  • “Gives up when encountering slightest difficulty in assignment”
  • “No effort no reward”

Think about your own Social Media efforts and assess what you’re doing right now and what response you would get if taken back to the classroom

  • Would you be getting an A* in your A-Level Social Media?
  • Would you be choosing Social Media as one of your options for GCSE’s?
  • Or would you be failing your 11+ in Social Media?

If your business was your little baby, it’s a given you’d have no issue getting in a personal tutor to help them achieve all they can

Is that what your business needs to make more of Social Media? Do you want to get the grades (aka business) in Social Media? Or is it not important to you?

Altrincham HQ run 1-2-1 Social Media Training Sessions in Altrincham / Cheshire / Manchester and also offer Training Via Skype for those further afield

Be an A* Student and call 07806 774279 or email for more info

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