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Asda Supermarket - Broadheath, Altrincham

Asda Supermarket – Broadheath, Altrincham

Around 2 months to this date we wrote a blog on a proposed new Asda Supermarket in Broadheath

We don’t really run news stories on Altrincham HQ, but it was important we got the word out there to local residents so we ran with it. Remember at the time local leaflets had gone out on the Monday before the public viewing on Mad Friday – the big day for Xmas Parties – and it was too late to make that weeks local newspaper

It’s worth reminding everybody that it was Social Media that got the word out there initially for the vast majority of people

I wanted to share some stats with you about the blog over the past 2 months

* Nearly 1500 page views of Asda Broadheath Blog
* 220 different google keyword searches driving traffic (50% of total searches)
* 20% of traffic was driven via Social Media (normally 75-80%)
* 36% of people who viewed this page went on to view other pages on

On our website we often get people searching for small local businesses that crop up in our blogs and it’s not always the direct name of the business they come through

With that in mind I want you think what different google searches customers are doing for you own business?

For instance at Altrincham HQ have you arrived here because of Twitter Training or Social Media training

What could you be writing about in blogs that grab people’s attention and want to know more about what you do?

Don’t just write sales pitches or news stories- talk around your area of business – you’ll note a lot of our blogs are marketing and customer services as well as Social Media

How do you link in SEO keywords with your Social Media?

Are you covering every aspect of what you do on your blogs, is your twitter a fair representation of EVERYTHING you do

If you need any help with blogging strategically for business please do get in touch – 07806 774279

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