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Sales Vs Marketing

The SUBS Altrincham Sales VS Marketing debate at the Cresta Court opened with a probing question

Are we unjustly pressured into thinking that Social Media is the answer to all of our business problems?

This was our answer

“I imagine Alexander Graham Bell had the same question asked about the telephone… I imagine with the advent of radio and TV people we’re sceptical

But frankly I find the question ridiculous in 2017

Social media is not new any more

If you look back to Myspace and even forums before that the penetration of social media into every day life has been unstoppable.

Myspace was founded in 2003 and from the years 2005-2008 it was the worlds biggest social network

You all have kids that are younger than social media and yet we’re sat here questioning whether something that has been part of our everyday life for at least 12 years is valuable

There’s a quote by Martin Glenn of Pepsico / United Biscuit “at the heart all business failures are actually marketing failures”

And it’s true

Marketing is twofold – awareness and action. People can’t buy from your business if they’re not aware that you exist

The difference between marketing and sales is simple. Sales is the transaction. The cash in tills. The actual purchase. Marketing is everything else you do in your business from awareness to customer service to after sales

You may be able to exist for a period without using social media, but the clue is in the word period. You will soon be replaced by someone who draws more attention

Because you don’t have a social media strategy is not reason to say social media does not work. It’s the world we live in and there are social media success stories on every single street in town.

Every single second you question if social media is the answer – there’s someone out there using that second to generate revenue and extra sales via social media

I imagine staff have this discussion every day in business

“Yeah i’d love for our business to be relevant and modern – but there’s some old guy managing the company who thinks social media is a passing fad and is set to retire in a few years so doesn’t want change”

They’re probably too afraid to speak up

They’re scared that you will expect instant results from social media and not have the patience for the long term wins from Social Media

They’re scared that when social media doesn’t work in one week or one month it will be their neck on the line

Don’t be the person that blocks your companies Social Media Success with cynicism

Be The Beacon. Be The Light. Be The Driver That Means Your Business Still Exists In 5 Years Time

2017 An Internet Minute

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