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Scheduling Social Media
It’s coming to that time of year when there are distractions every which way you turn

Holiday Season is kicking in, staff are out of the office, the sunshine out of the window is distracting

And yet marketing never sleeps

Yes – marketing never sleeps

You can’t simply take a few months sabbatical from Social Media activity and hope that the break doesn’t have an effect on your bottom line

Social Media puts you at the front of people’s minds and therefore at the tip of tongue

It’s at times like this when dreams of automation and scheduling creep in and with that in mind here’s a look at the Pros and Cons of Social Media Scheduling


Scheduling elements of your social media saves you massive amounts of time

Our brains are being rewired with the constant distractions of notifications so the idea of time blocking your social media activity is a wise one

There are tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Tweetdeck, Social Bro, Social Jukebox which mean you can schedule your updates at the beginning of the day or week and simply let your updates go out at pre-allotted times

Scheduling is something we do for ourselves and clients as you shouldn’t be permanently chained to your device because of the social media shackles

Social Media should be an enhancement to your business, not a distraction from your business

Do you really think it’s acceptable for a brand to go silent when one member of staff is on holiday?

We live in a switched on world where customers consider social media be as important communication method as a telephone or email

Social Media should not stop because one person takes their annual leave

All business should have a contingency plan for social media and holidays and scheduling updates before going away and letting other staff handle real time communication is key for holiday cover

Bigger than that – it’s a huge risk to have just one person in an organisation with the social media skill sets. In our experience 9 of out 10 businesses where social media goes is inactive it’s where they’ve left social media to just

one person in the organisation and there is no back up plan

The very idea of scheduling your updates one after each other on a dashboard means it’s highlights when you’re repeating yourself

Scheduling your social media is in fact a great creativity hack

Having that time out where your only focus is producing great content enhances those creative juices

Planning, Creating and Optimising content are all massive benefits of scheduling and actually thinking about your social media plan

Repeating yourself is so easy to do when you’re squeezing your social media updates ad-hoc to 2 minutes between other tasks


It’s not exactly authentic to schedule every social media update is it?

That isn’t what social media was designed for

Social Media was designed to be living, breathing and of the moment

You should be posting on Social Media in the same way you have conversations – you don’t automate conversations

Social Media is just a technological layer on what is happening in real life

You have no control over world events and when you schedule social media updates you have to be acutely aware of what is happening in real time

Let’s say, heaven forbid, a tragic world event happens such as a terrorist attack and it’s all the world is talking about on social media … expect your business that has scheduled an update asking “Is everyone having a fantastic day?”

It’s happened time and time again and the wider public doesn’t realise businesses schedule their social media updates

We’ve talked a lot about the scheduling side of automation so far which can beneficial

Then there’s the downright ugly

The auto DMs on twitter, the clunky Facebook chat bots, the updates on how many twitter followers you have gained or lost each week, the bots

There are some things you just don’t do on Social Media and these are the ugly sides of automation


It’s OK to schedule on Social Media as long as you

A) Remember What You Have Scheduled

B) Listen on social for real time events

C) Engage with people more than you schedule updates

Ideally if you’re scheduling social media updates at least 2/3rd of your updates should be done in real time and you should be spending the bulk of your time engaging

Social Media Scheduling should be used to free up time to produce better content and to engage with your audience

Chat to about Social Media Marketing for YOUR business so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your business

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting with you

Look at our Social Media Training and Social Media Management services


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