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Sorry for the delay on last months – A Month In The Life Of A Social Media Company blog

Part of the reason for this is we’ve been in demand taking on 3 new Social Media Management clients in the past 30 days – for those that aren’t aware this is around 12 hours extra per week of heads down work on clients campaigns

One of the things passive followers grossly underestimate is the sheer amount of time we spend heads down running Social Media Campaigns – our own Social Media accounts and blogs account for only about 5% of what we do and we spend 200+

hours a month running successful social media campaigns for clients


One of the questions we regularly get asked is do you work with businesses outside of Altrincham? And the short answer is Yes

We’re very proud that our skill set is universal and whilst our twitter stream is a love letter to Altrincham, our Social Media skills we have are applicable whether in Altrincham or Lands End

Local for us is a state of mind and recently we saw a post on another Altrincham Facebook page where one of their fans said they didn’t even know the Altrincham Post Office, which closed in 2006, had shut down. Local for us in the eyes of the beholder and therefore when we took a client on in Bolton we’re probably more engaged and in the know with the Bolton area businesses than other businesses in Bolton are.

The results after 2 months are speaking for themselves

* One of the KPIs was driving traffic to the website and the traffic from twitter alone has tripled within month one from the clients previous Social Media efforts with new visitors accounting for over half of new visits

* The engagement rate has tripled with more people responding to updates

* Blogs and content are more consistent

End Of Financia lYear
From day 1 of running Altrincham HQ we’ve been meticulous on tracking where new clients come from

So often when we meet small businesses there is a guess work methodology as to where clients come from rather than cold hard data

If you can measure the success of something you can look at how to improve it

The End of Financial Year Assessment is a good time to look at the success of your social media campaigns and see what platforms work best for your business

For us it’s Twitter 1st, followed by LinkedIn and whilst a lot of businesses facebook reach is going down ours has risen in recent months and is actually driving more enquiries than ever before

What has worked for your business over the past 12 months?

Periscope Twitter
You may have read our blog on Meerkat and Periscope here – – if you haven’t please read it as it signifies an important development in Social Media and the human elements of Social Media

It’s still early days for both of the live streaming apps – we prefer the interface and quality control of Meerkat, but on a viewers perspective Periscope is leading the way – but in truth it might not be any of these platforms that truly take over the live streaming sphere. There could be an emerging platform nobody has heard of that suddenly appears and smashes all others.

Why should you get involved? Well our Periscope streams have attracted between 50-130 viewers each time we stream and the attention from users is clearly there

Social Media Marketing for many businesses is about breaking through the noise and with twitter getting noisier, facebook organic reach being a problem for many, LinkedIn’s new layouts meaning LinkedIn publisher articles are not as effective as they were 6 months ago – this is a great way to humanise your brand and break through the noise

Get in on new platforms early before everybody arrives and attention is divided

Mari Smith

One of the wonderful things about Twitter is the way ideas and information spread an in February and March we had 2 of those moments where Mari Smith tweeted out one of our blogs on Auto-posting from Facebook to Twitter

Mari Smith is a Social Media Thought Leader in San Diego via Scotland and has 355K Twitter followers

So what happens when Mari Smith tweets your blog? Well 5 x our average daily traffic from twitter and a ton of engagement

Twitter is wonderful and all this came about because we take the time to engage with others – 69% of our tweets are either Replies or Retweets of others

If you require more information on our Social Media Services click here

Email or call 07806774279

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