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The 1st time I EVER went to a networking meeting I knew half of the room … and that was all because of twitter

Over 5 years later I now find that businesses that use Social Media (and importantly use it well) are much better networkers than those that don’t use Social Media

Let me explain further

Social Media Conversations

Networking is about relationships and relationships are built on conversations

Businesses that use Social Media well extend the conversation after the face 2 face networking has ended and it’s often those nuggets that really bring businesses closer together

Social Media also allows you to touch base with those you didn’t get chance to chat to properly and just about managed to wave across the room to

Believe it or not I’m quite shy in real life so networking doesn’t come natural – social media makes it 100 times easier to face 2 face network

Social Media = Bigger Network

It doesn’t matter whether you have 7500+ twitter followers like us or just 100 followers

When you use Social Media your network expands much further than it would just by face 2 face networking – at the press of a button our message can reach more people in 10 seconds than a face 2 face networking meeting can

The online activity affects the face 2 face offline as well

As we’re well known in Altrincham a lot of the banks recommend our Social Media Training to new businesses setting up in town and so often the business setting up has already heard of us via Twitter or Facebook

Similarly if we’re looking for a service provider – we have 7500+ people who can recommend businesses to us

Front Of Mind = Tip of Tongue

Social Media is subliminal

Not only is Social Media word of mouth amplified online, but there’s also the subliminal drip drip drip effect of Social Media which means those businesses which deliver the right message time and time again and also engage with us are subliminally in our thoughts

If you’re only meeting a local business once a month then it’s easy to be forgotten about – but the reminder of daily Social Media updates means that you’re always at the front of someone’s mind

We regularly mention Trevor Holt and Holt Business Solutions as a great local example – Social Media goes a long way to ensure he is #worldfamouswithin5miles – his business is the 1st you think of in the area of Stationery and office supplies

Social Media Referrals

Despite the fact I don’t attend BNI style networking meetings – via Social Media I’m able to refer hundreds / thousands of £££s of business each month to local businesses

Social Media enables us to do that as it’s so much more instant to sent a quick tweet or facebook message than it is to do a long winded email introductions

And the businesses I can refer to – the ones I meet > like > know > trust and also a factor is the ones that I know will pick up on Social Media.

It’s important when referring a local business they can be trusted to do the job and also to respond to an enquiry and with businesses that understand Social Media swift responses are in their DNA

Social Media = New Ideas

You’ve heard the phrase ‘The 7 most expensive words in business are: “We have always done it that way!”

Businesses that use Social Media are more open minded to new ideas and more responsive to the market

With Social Media you have to be open to change and you have to be adaptable – it’s rare a week goes by without a change on one of the social networks or a new platform being announced

Being open minded is a great asset to have for face 2 face networking where you’ll often meet other businesses that challenge your pre-conceptions

Get Social and Network More Successfully

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