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Facebook Groups

I’m a member of about 5 local business facebook groups

And sorry if this offends a lot of you – but so many of simply SELL SELL SELL rather than TALK TALK TALK

A group to me should be about help, advice, support, sharing knowledge – all the “giving” things that once in a while give you a right to “take” or “Sell”

So here are 7 Ways You Can Contribute To Facebook Groups Without Selling

1. Post Your Latest Blog Post – but remember your blog post should offer value to the reader rather than “ra ra ra this is a new thing for sale”

2. Contribute to another persons post in the group – you’d be surprised how many people don’t

3. If somebody asks for help – invite people to the group who can help them

4. Leave a testimonial for another local business you’ve worked with – if others help you, pass the good word forward

5. Share Positive Local News – Smash the Negative Stories out of the way with a dose of good news. Positivity inspires positivity

6. Share another local businesses blog post – Same as Point 1, but show other blogs that have inspired you

7. Post something that isn’t business once in a while. Music, TV, Culture – people buy from people

Go back to the groups your part of and think how much better the groups would be if instead of just sales messages you had all of the above

Here are a few groups i’m part of – go join in the discussions where relevant

Trafford Businesses



Sale West Voice

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