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Facebook Engagement is the struggle that 75% of businesses booking with us have.

And in 95% of cases the problem with their Facebook Engagement is a result of

  • Too salesy posts
  • Too boring posts
  • Too repetitive posts

Before you read further, I want you to look at your Facebook Business Page and establish which of the above is most applicable to you.

Right. Now that you’re back and you know where the underlying issue is, I’m going to talk your through 7 Types Of Posts Guaranteed To Skyrocket Your Facebook Engagement


Valentine’s Day is just over 2 weeks away.

Now for those in a relationship, I can almost guarantee that you will share photos of the huge bunch of flowers, the trip to Paris or the nice restaurant you went to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

You’re doing that because it’s impressive or unusual.

The rest of the year when you have quality time with your partner at Costa Coffee, Pizza Express, Wetherspoons or a night in with Netflix, you don’t share it because it happens all the time.

You need to think of your business’s social media in the same way.

What is surprising, impressive or unusual in your business?

Once of our restaurant clients recently shared news of a someone transporting a takeaway curry on a 3000 mile round trip to a relative. Now that’s a big impressive story.


Martin Lewis has made a career out of being one of the most informative people in the media / social media.

Barely a day goes by where the Manchester Evening News doesn’t share a news story about what Martin Lewis has said recently.

Generally, people follow businesses or individuals on social media for either entertaining or educational posts.

What do you know about your industry / specialist field that your audience don’t know about?

Don’t ignore these types of posts because you feel that your peers have already mentioned it.

The chances are that many of your audience only follow you and not your peers … and a lot of it is about the delivery of your posts.

You can still make informative posts either easy to consume or entertaining.

A great example of a page like this is Simple Politics


We all have that one friend who shares posts from Newsthump or The Daily Mash.

Half of the time we groan, but the other half we laugh.

Think about why most of your audience have gone on to social media – they’re bored, they need escapism, they want a break from reality.

If at that moment your posts comes up and you can make them laugh then that’s job done. You’ve created a connection with them and your brand is at the front of your customers minds.

They’re held up as a great example of brands knowing their audience and having a great social media presence, but if you’d like to see an example of a brand using humour to break through the noise then Innocent are a great place to start


We put nostalgic / day in the life posts together because they’re interlinked.

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion. You often see on Facebook groups, people yearning for the good old days.

Now imagine if you document everything you do, you have a strong back catalogue of images to use in your business. All the award wins, the networking groups, the clients, the old photo from 30 years ago when you qualified, the photo from when you opened your 1st office.

We’ve seen it so many times when a business is celebrating landmark anniversaries that the nostalgic posts out perform any other post that month.


Maybe an employee joined as an apprentice and is now head of department?

Maybe in the middle of snowstorm you delivered a parcel to a client in 24 hours?

Maybe someone worked for the business from 16 years old to 65?

Maybe you helped a local cancer charity like Altrincham VS Cancer and the Christie?

All of these inspirational posts always gain traction – you just need to always be out on the look out for a great inspiration story.


Being helpful and supportive is a superpower that everyone has inside them.

The last few years have been tough for people with the pandemic and the cost of living crisis.

And the things that have really stood out have been the amazing acts of human kindness.

Going out of your way to support your customers, your business neighbours or your supply chains during this time is not only the nice thing to do, it’s good for business.

You’re probably doing it anyway – so make sure you’re posting about it on social and amplifying the support.


We’re not talking releasing your inner P*ers Morgan or K*tie Hopkins here.

It might just be something that is mildly controversial.

One of my semi viral posts on LinkedIn, for instance, was a list of alternatives to the word “Helping” in people’s LinkedIn Professional Headline – it reached about 70,000 people because 1 person took the hump and got a little sweary.

On our Facebook page, controversial would probably be an update about Altair in Altrincham.

Or maybe I could push a button by saying “It’s not locals responsibility to shop local, it’s businesses responsibility to do better marketing that compels local people to spend with them”

The above is just a small part of your overall Facebook Marketing Strategy

There are many other factors in whether Facebook works for your business as a marketing tool, so use the above as inspiration for Facebook Engagement until you can invest in a full 2 hour Facebook Training Session with us.

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