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5 Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make
Marketing a startup business is hard

You’re probably running a business for the 1st time and trying to do everything yourself

So how can you avoid these 5 Marketing Mistakes Startup Businesses Make

Read on …

Marketing Plan

1. Not Sticking To the Marketing Plan
Seriously – You put it in the business plan for a reason

It was the marketing plan which you laboured over for months as you knew it was marketing which would make your dream business become a reality

And the bank funded your 5 figure business loan on that basis

And then as soon you’ve got the funds you totally rip up the marketing plan and hope and pray customers will come

You sat there for days whilst no customers walked through the doors and whilst you enjoyed having some time to yourself to check updates from your friends on Facebook after 30 minutes you were bored and frustrated that nobody was
visiting you

When you read that though you’d think that was an anomaly, but it happens to at least 50% of the businesses we see opening

Stick to the business plan – action your real marketing plan for success!!!


Marketing Small

2. Marketing Small – Doing Less Marketing Than The Competition
Most businesses in the market place are “Me Too” businesses – by that I mean there’s plenty of competition around and there’s very little differentiation

In fact in 7 years of networking with 60+ businesses a month I’ve only ever met one business type that I’ve never seen a competitor of before and after …. and that was a Cat Reiki Specialist

To establish yourself in the market you have to do BETTER marketing than the competition and your have do MORE marketing than the competition

Drill down on Quantity and Quality with equal importance

If you want your business to be a success you cannot do that by doing 10% of the marketing that the competition is doing

Dominate not dabbling is key

Marketing Cheaply

3. Doing It Cheaply and Doing It Twice
“Buy cheap, buy twice” – you’ve probably heard that before

And you’ve probably heard it most in relation to traditional marketing with cheap online business cards or designing posters in Microsoft Word

It’s just as relevant to the digital age

How many “free” or “cheap” digital marketing workshops will you turn up to, not learn anything new and carry on exactly the same as before

Marketing is a serious investment that your business can live or die buy

Invest it in it wisely whether that be spending a little more wisely on marketing, getting indepth training or working with a marketing strategist

Marketing Can't Gloss Over Poor Products

4. Thinking Marketing Can Gloss Over Poor Service or Poor Product
Great marketing gets people through doors or spending cash once

It’s a great product and great service that keeps people coming back for repeat purchases

It’s a great product and great service that makes sure people leave positive reviews online

It’s a great product and great service that makes people spread the word offline to friends and family

If you don’t have the basics in place then your marketing budget will not deliver the return your expect

Take a look here at the Lifetime Value Of A Customer blog here to see how important this is

Measuring Marketing

5. Not Measuring Marketing
There’s one thing scarier than measuring your marketing – and it’s not measuring your marketing

I work in marketing – I love looking at analytics, measuring my marketing, putting together spreadsheets to see what is working and what is not

That’s the difference between marketers and the average business owner

For an average business owner to start looking at stats and analytics it might reveal they’ve failed in some way – they might have spent 100 hours on something that hasn’t worked or they might have wasted £1000 on marketing

Facing up to the truth of what is working and what is not is important though

It enables you to invest more heavily on the things that are working and to either improve or drop the areas of marketing that are not working

Chat to about Social Media Marketing for YOUR business, so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your business

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting with you

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