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Marketing Mistakes

Small businesses are agile and established businesses are slow and sluggish

That’s what we’re always told – but does it need to be this way?

Let’s look at the 5 Marketing Mistakes Established Businesses Make

Marketing To Eyeballs
1. Doing What You’ve Always Done
It’s easy to keep doing this

The marketing you did, had a proven track record and it worked, but times change

Is the magazine that you’ve been advertising in for the past 12 years still working as well as it used to?

Is the social media campaign which had amazing traction 12 months ago still as effective as it used it to?

Measure, look at where people’s eyeballs are right now and look at where those people’s eyeballs will be in 1-2 years in the future

Is there anything you’re missing out on that you need to start the ground work right not to leverage the results later?

Social Media Deserves Attention
2. Not Taking Social Media Seriously

You know that Social Media is important, but it’s still not something that the organisations treat seriously

You’re treating Social Media like a tick box exercise and therefore you never really get the results from social you want

Tweets are broadcasts to press releases, the hard sell and little engagement

LinkedIn is something you have, but only log into once a week

Facebook you spend about 100x more time on chatting with friends rather than using for business

And Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat you’ve never used

Social Media is hugely important and deserves the attention you’ve previously given to traditional marketing

Content Droughts
3. Content Droughts

Content is for life, not just for Christmas

As flippant as that sounds, most businesses haven’t got around the idea that they are now content producers as well as business owners

Whether the content is photos, videos, graphics, reviews or blogs you need a steady stream of fresh content

Treat the word NEW like oxygen – you need NEW to survive

In the digital age (whether it’s yourself handling the marketing or you’ve outsourced it) you should not be having what we call content droughts

Employee Advocacy
4. Not Having An Employee Advocacy Scheme
Your employees are your greatest asset

Employee advocacy is the promotion of an organisation by its staff members

It’s a win win when employees get behind the marketing of an organisation and help support it’s aim

Marketing should be directed by the marketing department, but there should be support and feedback loop from all areas of the organisation

Imagine the power of 300 staff sharing your latest social media updates

Throwing Money At Bad Ideas
5. Throwing More Money At Bad Ideas

Remember when you 1st started out and you didn’t have the marketing budget you wanted

You executed great ideas on a minimal budget

Not you’ve grown, you have the budget and when a bad idea doesn’t work you simply throw more money at it and hope

Admit it – you’ve chucked £100’s and £1000’s on Facebook adverts that didn’t peak anyone’s interest organically

People don’t share content that they find dull or boring

They will share content that inspires them and makes them feel something emotionally however for free

Focus on great ideas

Chat to about Social Media Marketing for YOUR business, so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your business

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting with you

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