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There are a lot of misconceptions about LinkedIn

And most of these misconceptions on based on the LinkedIn of 5-10 years ago

LinkedIn has changed massively over the past 12-18 months and it’s the best place it’s ever been for users

I see business owners on Twitter – I don’t see them on LinkedIn

I see business owners on Facebook – I don’t see them on LinkedIn

I see business owners on Instagram – I don’t see them on LinkedIn

Let’s look at the 5 Common Misconceptions about LinkedIn

1. It’s Just For Jobseekers / Recruiters

The biggest misconception by far is that it’s just for Jobseekers or Recruiters

Sure – it’s fantastic for both those 2 groups of people and my friend got offered a job within 48 hours on LinkedIn after I connected her with the right person

But LinkedIn is about far more than a jobs board

It’s for anyone who’s looking to progress and move forward their business or their career

That’s you right?

You’re not looking to reverse your business or career are you?

2. Its Stuffy

LinkedIn is never going to be Snapchat with a dog filter profile photo

But it has lost a lot of the stuffiness which you’d associate with the platform as recently as 18 months ago

Think of it becoming as a relaxed as the workplace has become

In the old days LinkedIn would have been some grey haired suited old man with no sense of humour

Now it’s a younger model who is still professional, but is smart casual rather than suited and booted and is all the more human for it

LinkedIn Up To Date Profile
3. Having An Up To Date Profile Is Enough

Ok so you have LinkedIn and you’re profile is up to date

Your latest position / business has been added to the platform and you occasionally connect with new people you meet

That’s enough right?


Simply having an up to date profile is simply like having an up to date business card

If those cards do nothing but sit on your desk and you don’t use the cards as a starting point of a relationship and a conversation then you might as well not have LinkedIn

Those that win with LinkedIn are those that are active

LinkedIn Connections

4. Number of Connections Are the Key Metric

“I’ve got 30,000 connections on LinkedIn”

You’d be surprised how many times I hear people boasting about their number of LinkedIn Connections

Everyone celebrates their follower count


No one celebrates the number of conversations they had

The number of conversations with your connections should be the KPIs you start to measure

5. It’s Becoming Like Facebook

“This is LinkedIn, not Facebook”

I’ve actually seen more posts like the one above than I have seen posts that remind me of Facebook

What people often mean when they say it’s becoming more like Facebook is that business people have become human and showing yourself as a thought leader is no longer copying and pasting a URL from the Financial Times on to LinkedIn any


LinkedIn is about showing YOUR expertise, YOUR insight, YOUR world and YOUR Personality as well as supporting YOUR network

LinkedIn is what you make it




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