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The Social Selling Index On LinkedIn is where we often start with our LinkedIn Training sessions

Your Social Selling Index (SSI) measures how effective you are at establishing your professional brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights, and building relationships.

Just as a high Klout Score is no guarantee that you will win business with your online presence, the Social Selling Index offers no guarantees you will sell via social media

However it does give yourself an indication that you’re doing the right things on LinkedIn on a regular basis

LinkedIn SSI 2018

Finding your LinkedIn SSI Score is really easy

If you want to find your LinkedIn SSI Score then you can simply click on the link here

Just make sure you’re logged into LinkedIn if it doesn’t come up

Less than 25 – You rarely use LinkedIn and probably have an incomplete profile

26-50 – You use LinkedIn sporadically

51-75 – You’re on LinkedIn fairly regularly and are doing better than most – but there’s more to do

76-100 – You’re pretty damn good at LinkedIn. Well done

Social Selling Stats

LinkedIn measures your social selling efforts. Here’s what adds up to your score and ways to improve them.

1. Establish your professional brand

“Complete your profile with the customer in mind. Become a thought-leader by publishing meaningful posts.”

This is the section we’d call LinkedIn Profile Optimisation and can take in everything from

* Profile Photo
* Cover Photo
* Professional Headline
* Summary
* Experience
* Recommendations

2. Find the right people

“Identify better prospects in less time using efficient search and research tools”

Are you constantly expanding your network via

* Face to Face – connecting with those you meet in real life at networking meetings / events

* LinkedIn Search – Drilling down on LinkedIn search to find the right people to connect with

There’s a saying in networking that networking isn’t just about the people in the room, but the people those people are willing to introduce you do

Being a well-connected person is advantageous in business

3. Engage with insights

“Discover and share conversation-worthy updates to create and grow relationships”

As well as the Social Selling there are 2 other KPI’s we look at regularly on LinkedIn

* Who’s viewed your profile?
* Views of your post

There good indicators that the content your posting is both reaching people and people are intrigued enough to view your profile

Bear in mind the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” figure applies to the last 90 days – it’s worth thinking are you active enough on LinkedIn?

4. Build relationships

“Strengthen your network by connecting and establishing trust with decision makers”

Relationships are at the core of LinkedIn

If you have 30,000 connections and you’ve never chatted to any of them it means nothing

When was the last time you

* Commented on someone else’s status update
* Joined in a LinkedIn Group discussion
* Acknowledged someone’s birthday or anniversary
* Messaged someone with a real conversation rather than a hard sell




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