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The Classroom Altrincham
3. The Classroom

What I love about The Classroom is every Bank Holiday they try to do something different – a themed party to get everybody buzzing

The second thing I love The Classroom is it’s the living embodiment of The Cheers Theme Tune lyrics “Sometimes you want to go Where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came”

Always a warm welcome, bouncers that do as they should and use intelligence rather than a set of door rules from the 80s, and different generations of folk from 21 to 50

Nu Haven Cafe
4. Nu Haven

Nu and not as well known as it should be. I discovered Nu Haven off twitter first of all (Something they seem to have lapsed on sadly) and was intrigued that I didn’t know it existed despite being 5 minutes walk from Altrincham HQ offices.

Nu Haven use staff from the local college and it’s clear they’ve chose the enthusiastic staff, those are keen to learn and want to be there rather than notching up the hours for their work experience placement. There’s a real community spirit as well as the cafe is attached to a community center so also attracts lunchtime visits from residents

The ethos is bang on supporting all generations

5. Grapevine Computers

One of the longstays of Altrincham and for those that don’t know it’s based on Greenwood Street near Altrincham Market and the old Belgium Bars

I work in Social Media and while I know the ins and outs of that specific facet of computers, I know only the basics of other IT areas.

Other the years what I’ve found with Grapevine is that understand the customers needs, responds to them according to their technical level of expertise and will never charge you for what you don’t need. Quite often I’ve gone in expecting a new item to be upwards of £100 and they said “You don’t need that, this does the same job for £xx”

If you’ve had experience of a national computer chain store this is a refreshing change

They are just a few examples of great customer service in Altrincham… now over to you

Tell us your examples of great customer service?

Is Customer Service more important than price?

How quick do you expect a customer service response on Social Media?

Want More Examples Of  Great Customer Service in Altrincham – Look at our Local Business Directory for Businesses We’ve Worked With 

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