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Customer Service on Social Media has been a bit of a hot potato in the last 24 hours

In quick succession 3 examples of bad customer service had filtered through by midday

1. #Peegate as it’s become known was a youtube video that went viral after a customer discovered that the bar, Simple, in the Northern Quarter has hidden cameras in the gents toilets. It took hundreds of comments on the bars facebook page for the management team to acknowledge the complaints and then they responded without an apology and a throwaway comment about “always wanting to trend on twitter”. The story has since made Manchester Confidential and the Manchester Evening News

2. Which has reported that Three Mobile has been reporting customers who complain on twitter as spam in order to get their accounts removed

3. Visit Altrincham reported that a couple of businesses on their directory have had negative reviews on their customer service which sparked a debate with other local businesses and voluntary organisations

It was this last point that has inspired us to write a blog on the great customer service that exists currently in Altrincham

Here’s 5 great examples of local businesses and fab customer service

Oxford Road Cafe Altrincham
1. Oxford Road Cafe

Oxford Road Cafe is somewhere in Altrincham I don’t frequent as much as i’d like, but every visit has been remarkable.


Firstly, the food is fantastic. As veggie it’s often hard to find a breakfast that isn’t just the meat version minus the meat, but every time i’ve ate here the carnivores have been looking at my plate with jealous eyes

Secondly, the customer service is 2nd to none. As I said we’ve only been in a few times, but from the very first visit we were given a massive warm welcome, when we paid it wasn’t take the money it run -they were genuinely interested in what we thought of the meal… and lastly and importantly, every time myself and my partner in crime Mark Winstanley have been on an Altrincham mooch the management / owner have always remembered us and said hello

2. Timpsons

The only national business on our Top 5 list and there’s a reason for this – they offer the same service you’d expect from your local independent

A few months ago the inside of my Doc Martens started falling apart. The rest of them were perfect and hence didn’t need a new purchase.

Off to Timpsons I went expecting A) TO have to leave them there for a couple of hours and B) Be Charged a significant amount for them to be fixed

Neither happened – they were fixed immediately and there was no charge with them suggested I put what I felt was appropriate in a charity box on the counter

A small guesture but one that I tweeted about that day to over 2000 people and received plenty of responses back saying great things about Timpsons also

Where am I going to go when I next have a big shoe repair? Timpsons of course, as will several of the followers that read the tweet

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