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Keyboard Warriors
There’s a reason this blog “3 Reasons That Keyboard Warriors On Facebook Are Irrelevant” had to be written

There’s a narrative that keeps getting played out every week

An individual invests 5 or 6 figure sums into the local community by opening up a new business

And then

Keyboard warriors try and tear the said business down on Facebook before it’s even opened the doors

And as much as it’s an irritant, as much as it sadly dents the business owners confidence, as much as it grates against my own positivity as a small business owner

The truth is these people are irrelevant and this is why

Armchair Critics Don't Spend Locally
1. They’re Armchair Critics Who Don’t Spend Locally

I see the people that spend locally every day – they’re all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram showing off all the businesses they’ve supported locally

They live and breathe the blog we wrote on 10 Things You Do If You Love Your Hometown

And then there’s the armchair critics who are very vocal, very angry, but you never see about in town

The haters are never out – they’re always sat at home crying about their own failure

They’ll talk about empty units without realising 90% of the empty units were filled 12 months ago – they just never go out to support them

They’ll project their anger about their own life onto the life of others trying to make a success for themselves and those around them

Armchair critics don’t spend locally and support local – so why waste time thinking about them

Keyboard Warriors Are Ignored By Friends
2. Their Own Friends Ignore What They Say

Seriously – their own friends have gone past the “U Ok Hun?” replies

It’s easier not to ask

They’ve probably secretly muted them on social media, but don’t want to feel the anger of blocking or unfriending them

When it comes to local business recommendations, they’re simply not someone you ask as they have a bad word to say about everybody and a good word to say about no one

So if their own friends ignore what they say – then they’ve got zero chance of convincing anyone else in the world

The collective voice of strangers and those on review websites have more of an impact than these keyboard warriors

Keyboard Warriors Are Rarely Brave Enough To Own Their Own Business
3. They’ve Never Been Brave Enough to Run Their Own Business

And if they have owned a business, that business has probably failed

Small business owners simply don’t simply sit behind their keyboards and vent their anger at a new business owner opening up in town

They give them support, they wish them well and they want the best as every successful business that opens is good for the community

It’s true that not every business works out – about 50% fail in the 1st year and 70-80% will fail within 5 years – but as a small business you want everyone to be a winner

So when you see someone moaning about new businesses opening on Facebook, you know they’ve never been brave enough to jump from a salaried role to the brave world of running your own business

You know – your real ones – the ones that support local businesses

You know – your real ones – the ones that also own a local business

You know – your real ones – the ones that are positive on Facebook and love to see others succeed

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