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Over the past 3 years I’ve worked with 4500+ teenagers on Social Media and Personal Branding workshops

And one thing I always say is “Social Media is neither good nor bad – it’s how you use it that is good or bad”

From the days I had a Vic20, Commodore 64 and Amiga computer parents have been saying to teenagers “You spend too much time on your computer” and the modern equivalent is “You spend too much time on your phone”

I want this blog to facilitate a real discussion between teenagers and parents so that they work together to build their best possible life and career and learn from each other

Here are a series of questions teenagers can ask their parents about social media and their career

I hope this makes both teenagers and parents think about social media, their careers and the opportunities

When you approach social media with insight and possibility great things happen

Q: Which do you use more – social media for business / career or social media for personal?

Q: What platform do you spend most time on?

Q: Have you ever used Social Media for your career or job? And what’s been your best opportunity that’s come from social media?

Q: How many followers do you have across social media and do you think that has helped or hindered you?

Q: How much time a day do you spend on Social Media a day for your work?

Q: Have you ever done an audit of your own social media posts to check there’s nothing offensive / embarrassing on there?

Q: Who uses Social Media well in your business / company?

Q: Social Media, Face 2 Face networking or both? Which is the best option to make a name for myself?

Q: Does your employer have someone in the business dedicated to social media?

Q: We were told that 93% of purchasing decisions are influenced by social media – what have you bought because of social media?

Q: Who do you think uses Social Media well in your industry? Is your business leading or is it behind the rest of the industry?

Q: Who do you think comes across as a bit of idiot on social media and why?

Q: I want to be ______ when I’m older – who would you suggest I follow in social media for advice?

Q: Where do you think ________ industry will be in 5-10 years because of tech? Will the job still be the same?

Q: I use Instagram and Snapchat for personal social media – where are most of the people in ________ industry on social media?

Q: Are there any bloggers or podcasts you think I should listen to?

Q: Is there anyone in your social media network you could introduce me to to chat about work experience / internships?

Q: I’ve heard LinkedIn recommendations are really important for careers – how many do you have?

Q: Who else in our extended family do you think I should chat to about their social media usage?

Q: What would be the best thing I could do on Social Media to stand out amongst all the other people going for the same job?

If you have any questions on social media that this blog have inspired do ask via email on

Your child’s future is too important to be left to chance: 121 Personal Branding & Social Media workshops for young people attending with a parent / guardian

We’re now opening this up to 121 hands on workshops for both young people attending with a parent / guardian

Our 121 workshops will include

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* How To Use Social Media To Build Your Personal Brand
* The Importance Of Creating Content
* Playing To Your Strengths On Social Media
* Setting Up Your LinkedIn & Using It To Its Full Potential
* How to build your network
* Why the “old boys club” and “old girls network” is important?
* Twitter For Careers
* Social Media Privacy Settings and How To Safeguard Your Future

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