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Spring has sprung and there’s no better time to sit back, reflect and give your Social Media a Spring Clean

Here are a few ways you can spring clean your social media 

Twitter Bio
1. Check Your Social Media Bios Are Up To Date

Admit it – you set up your Twitter Profile and LinkedIn Profile and haven’t even looked at what you wrote since

It’s more than likely a few years out of date and doesn’t reflect where you are as a business and what you actually offer now

Businesses change, grow and adapt, but our Social Media Bios and Summary are areas that many forget to update in the race for the status update

Think about your success stories, the awards you’ve won, the elevator pitch that wins business at face to face networking meetings … and change your Social Media Bios to reflect you now

Alex McCann
2. Ensure Your Profile Pictures Look Like You

There are many reasons for not having an up to date profile photo

You don’t like to think of yourself as growing old

You might have put weight on

You might have had professional photos, but can’t admit to the photographer that you don’t like them

You might not have the spare funds to invest in a new photo shoot

But get a profile photo that looks like you – you don’t want people to look you up and question if that is really you

3. Review Your Social Media Strategy

When was the last time you reviewed your Social Media Strategy?

In an ideal world you will have documented Social Media Strategy that all key personel in the business are aware of

It will document what you’re trying to achieve with social media and it will highlight the KPI’s in place to measure it’s success

If you do have one – look how this is working for you and revise accordingly

If you don’t have one – formalise what you’re aiming to achieve with Social Media

Manage Flitter
4. Unfollow Inactive Tweeters

In perception terms the ratios between Following / Followers on Twitter is key

Anyone can gain 10’s of thousands of followers on twitter – you just have to follow 10’s of thousands of followers

The rub comes in the fact they probably won’t be targeted and won’t necessarily convert

But if you follow with intent, engage with people and have a strong consistent marketing message you will win big on Twitter

So how to keep your ratios in check. Use to clear out inactive twitter accounts and also have a guide as to who is not following you back

5. Mute / Block / Unfollow Those Twitter Accounts That Annoy You

Social Media is not permanent – you are not tied into a marriage with someone because you once chose to follow them

Decluttering who you follow on social media can be a cathartic process

If you’re relentlessly positive, it can be draining to see negative rants on social media

If someone tweets so often they drown out the rest of he accounts you follow it can ruin your feed

Go on to the offending account and click the 3 dots top right of the profile to see the mute / unfollow / block buttons

You can also mute retweets from specific accounts if they are serial retweeters

Pinned Tweet
6. Update Your Pinned Tweet

The pinned tweet is the 1st update people see when they check out your profile

Is this up to date or is it 6 months to a year out of date?

Like your Social Media bio, it’s important that this pinned update reflects where you are as a business and what you have to offer

Often we’ll pin our most recent blog or news update to get as much exposure as possible

Reach Higher
7. Update Your Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are what keep you sane on Twitter

They’re the magic feature which allow you see the updates from those special tweeters in your life

Spring is a time to look at your current Twitter lists and ask are they up to date and serving their purpose

Are there any new Twitter Lists you should be adding to your account?

When thinking of twitter lists think of

Reach Higher – Engage With The Influencers & Tastemakers In Your Market

Refer Sideways – Always look out for opportunities to help those in your immediate network

Pull Up – Support new startup businesses who need a helping hand

By focusing on these 3 areas each day, it’s giving clarity to who you specifically engage with

Business Card
8. Connect With All Those Business Cards

You network every week to meet new businesses and grow your network

And then you get back to the office and have a stack of business cards that you never do anything with

Make sure you connect on LinkedIn with everyone you meet

Far too often people overthink the LinkedIn Connection and judge immediately if business can be done

Business often comes from unexpected places and LinkedIn gives so many opportunities to keep in touch – but you have to actually connect in the 1st place

LinkedIn Recommendation
9. Respond To Those Recommendation Requests

Business success is based on Testimonials

And apart from Video Testimonials, LinkedIn Testimonials are the most trusted form of recommendation

But there’s a huge problem and the problem is 2 fold
A. Not enough people request recommendations
B. Not enough people take the time to leave a recommendation even when they’re 100% happy with a service provider

Go to (on the desktop / laptop) and recommend all those people who requested recommendations from you, you were 100% happy with, but you just didn’t find the time to write

10. Declutter Your LinkedIn Inbox

Your LinkedIn Inbox is as important as email – repeat that to yourself a few times

The amount of people who have a LinkedIn inbox with 100’s of unread messages is unreal

Spend an hour going through your LinkedIn inbox and simply action them with
* Delete


* Reply

If LinkedIn is a place to do business then surely keeping on top of communication should be a priority

Chat to about Social Media Marketing for YOUR business so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your business

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting to you

Look at our Social Media Training and Social Media Management services


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