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Why Town Teams Need More Of An Olympian Spirit
Can you imagine a world where Mo Farah, Laura Trott, Max Whitlock, Jason Kenny, Andy Murray and all our British Heroes well didn’t get heroed

And the athletes that didn’t even make the olympic grade got the front pages

It would never ever happen

We hero the successful, we hero the athletes and sportsmen / women who get the medals and they in turn inspire the next generation

This is what makes an olympic hero

  • Talent
  • Hard Work
  • Training
  • Determination
  • The Right Attitude
  • Confidence
  • Strong Brand
  • Smart Team

It’s the same components that make for a successful business

Why so often are those on salaries on Town Teams / Councils continually fighting fires and backing the businesses that

  • Have the wrong offering
  • Work part time hours
  • Do no training
  • Have lost the will to survive (if they ever had it)
  • Have a defeatist / negative attitude
  • Have poor brand / no marketing
  • Have no team

It sends entirely the wrong message to the world when Town Teams / Councils continually back the struggling businesses over those that have worked hard to make themselves a success

Struggling businesses should be supported, mentored, hand held, given advice, put in touch with the right people that can help them – all the things that happen behind the scenes to make a successful business

And there are plenty of businesses / organisations they can turn to for help and advice

But they should not be held up and marketed as the best a town has to offer

It’s time to back local winners or the future is at stake

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