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Salford Lads Club NCS

As I write this blog I’m in the middle of my 2nd Summer working with Salford Foundation and NCS

For those that aren’t aware of what NCS is, it’s the National Citizen Service. A voluntary personal and social development programme for 15–17 year olds in England and Northern Ireland

By the end of this summer I’ll have worked with 2500 young people. Helping them to develop their personal brand and enabling them to promote their social action projects

It’s the best work we do each year and if you’re a parent reading this blog, I’d 100% advise you to encourage your children to get involved

Here is Why I Love NCS

Victoria Baths NCS 26th July 2018

1. Young People Get To Understand The Importance Of Personal Branding
A huge part of what we deliver during the summer is our Personal Branding workshops

We deliver this after the young people have been away on a team building residential trip

Everyone young or old has a personal brand whether they like it not

A personal brand affects every single aspect of what you do and social media plays a huge part in that

We’ve heard of people who used the net to build their brand from Myspace and the Arctic Monkeys through to Joe Wicks via Instagram or DJ Khaled via Snapchat

And of course we’ve heard of the scandals of social media where ordinary people’s lives have been destroyed by thoughtless social media posts

It’s vital young people have these workshops to prosper in life

2. Social Action Projects Happen That Otherwise Wouldn’t
By the end of the Summer in Trafford and Salford approximately 70 social action projects will take place

I truly believe most of these wouldn’t happen unless NCS and the young people got involved

Thing about that for a minute – 70 projects wouldn’t happen unless NCS and young people got involved

There’s a fundamental difference between how young people and adults approach charity and community projects

Adults will have 6 months of meetings, ego clashes will happen between the committee and a new committee will be formed, 6 months of further meetings happen, 12 months of grant applications happen and then only half a project will be completed because the full funding didn’t happen

Young people have 2 days of meetings, a lot of graft happens, the community gets behind them and the project is fully completed the next week

It’s truly fantastic when all of these projects get completed so quickly

NCS John Leigh Park 2018
3. Charities and Community Groups Get Exposure

Exposure is massively important to local charities and community groups

Beyond the projects being completed, exposure inspires others to get involved and support these great groups

And it’s needed

Most local towns and communities have what I’d describe as charity monopoly – a couple of charities that know how to gain support and funding and then get all the column inches whilst other groups struggle on the sidelines

When NCS comes to town it’s a chance over the whole summer to highlight the range and diversity of local charities and community groups

And that’s to be applauded

4. NCS Inspires Adults
This could be a whole blog on it’s own

But I believe the work that NCS inspires adults as well

Call it reverse mentoring. Call it life lessons. Call it the antidote to a media switched to negative

Every time I work with NCS I’m inspired by the energy, the drive and the ability to do great things without egos

If you were to believe what you read in the media you’d thing all young people never open a door or a seat to old people on public transport, waste their time on the streets, look up to shallow celebrities and have no future

The reality I’ve seen is the opposite of that

They have strong values and look up to talented people who give back to the community, are humble and are hardworking. Who value their time and have a bright future because they’re driven to follow their passion

I’ve never lost that youthful idealism and I’m 40 years old – but for those that have, this is a reminder for how you can live life

NCS Bee In The City 2018
5. NCS Sets A Good Example To The Next Generation

Every summer is about passing the baton on

The thousands of young people that take part each Summer in years to come will pass the baton down to their younger brothers and sisters

This isn’t just about one year

This is about future generations and the impact it makes

We never had NCS when I was at school. We never had Dragons Den style enterprise programs. We never had so many opportunities

Let’s keep setting great examples

Personal Branding for School and College Students

Personal Branding – An Insight Into Branding Yourself

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