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Can I be an events speaker at your next event?

As well as running a social media Company, Altrincham HQ also fund £12,000 worth of networking events a year.

Alex & His Sisters and Smiley Happy People are our 2 brands offering women’s only networking and mixed networking so there is something for all.

As each event attracts 100 people per event, we’re often asked can we speak at your event.

So, we’re spelling out the criteria to speak at any of events … and if you feel you tick every one of the 5 boxes please email

An interesting story

Both Alex & His Sisters and Smiley Happy People speaker formats are interviews.

As I used to be a journalist, I use those skills to dig deep into your story and pull out the interesting angle and learning points from you.

It means as a speaker you don’t have to prepare a PowerPoint or notes – you just turn up and let us ask the questions.

I often tell my story as setting up one of Manchester’s 1st music websites and interviewing the biggest bands in the world, going in to launch an events company that put on bands like The 1975 and then my 14 years running a social media company with Altrincham HQ.

That story gives me both an interesting angle to talk from, but also 24 years of learning points for an audience.

Do I know your story and the things that make you you – you are more than your current job title and company name!!!


Trust me – I’ve seen speakers at other events where my 1st thought is they don’t have the expertise to talk to themselves in the mirror, never mind an audience.

When a speaker stands on stage at an event there’s an element of trust there. It’s expected that you’re an expert.

In order for us to know you’re an expert in your field we often consider

  • Have we used your services?
  • Has a trusted contact used your services?
  • Does your content come across with a degree of expertise?
  • Do you have the reviews from customers to back it up?

Have Attended Our Events Before

We try and book speakers from our community 1st.

At least make the effort to attend one or two events before asking to be a speaker.

Have a conversation that doesn’t start with “Can I speak at your next event?”

We’ve had messages from people asking to speak after they’ve seen how busy they are – we’ve never said yes to a message out of the blue from someone we don’t know.

Community Minded & Supportive

Our events are monthly

If you’re just turning up for an event and then disappearing for a month how can we get to know you.

Stay in touch with us on social media (we’re on all channels so you have plenty of choice).

Stay in touch with networking attendees on social media (I do see who comments and supports others).

Share other businesses content

Altrincham HQ has always been 50% business and 50% community and we look for the same.

Active On Social Media

As our intro at each event stats

“Networking is not our day job – we don’t make any money from the £12,000 worth of networking events we fund. We do it for the community.

Altrincham HQ is a social media company that offers social media training and social media management.”

We don’t want to put people on stage who last posted on social media 2 months ago, who will gain lots of new followers from an event and then rarely post again.

We want people to be able to implement point number 4 and being active on social media is a requirement to do that.

Networking works best when it’s done in tandem with social media.


  1. Do you have an interesting story?
  2. Do others consider you an expert in your field?
  3. Have you attended one or two of our events before?
  4. Do you support us and other attendees on social media?
  5. Are you active poster on Social Media?
  6. Are you from Altrincham, Cheshire or Greater Manchester

If you can answer yes to the above – email to be considered as an events speaker

If you’re lacking 1 or more yes – turn those no’s into yes and then email us on

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