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We talked last week about the 4 Classic Social Media Fails and how so often start up businesses can get it wrong when it comes to launching a business via Social Media Marketing

But what happens if you have a great business, people like you and the buzz wears off simply because you’re no longer the new shiny thing. You know – that time when friends and family stop tweeting daily and the launch press articles have dried up!

Here in Altrincham we look next door to Hale where the above scenario happens on steroids – there’s the buzz of being seen in the new place, of posting on Social Media about the great night you had in XYZ and then 6 months later it’s bye bye baby and onto the new shiny bar or restaurant.

At Altrincham HQ what we specialise in, is not just the big launch splash – although humble brag we do totally dominate on a launch – but the consistent marketing which generates long term customer relationships

Consistency is key when it comes to great marketing and it’s most effective way to extend the opening buzz into something more substantial. By being consistent you build longevity into your business plan and keep customers coming back  time and time again.

Here’s what we do to build consistency

Marketing Plan
We plan the Social Media Marketing 3-4 months in advance looking at the HUGE marketing opportunities, but also the micro moments to market that come through on a day by day basis

The plans may include weekly themes, competitions or re-energised focus on a specific area of the business or the businesses USP

During the planning process we also highlight what extra content we will need in the lead up to this – this might be design work, print or photographs

Right up the moment of delivering the marketing campaign we’re developing our content calendar and expanding on the initial ideas

Lesson – 1 customer review is worth 100 tweets from yourself saying how great you are

Whether it’s Tripadvisor, LinkedIn or Freeindex … or a customer tweet or facebook post – Authentic customer feedback is essential to not only grow the customer base but also to highlight issues

When it comes to negative feedback it’s taken as seriously as positive feedback and the client is debriefed. We rectify with the customer, we learn and make sure it doesn’t happen

Out-Care The Competition
There are many who would say every business cares about their customer or other wise they will go out of business

What is meant about outcaring the competition is actually going the extra mile – taking time to talk to customers online even when you’re not selling to them or after they’ve already bought from you.

So many businesses care so much about the sale or that one moment that they forget about the relationship

If you care about the relationships then the sales take care of themselves

Measure Success
We set accepted standards and benchmark vs previous months and long term vs annual figures

Marketing without measurement is a fools game and with online marketing you have the stats and analytics to hand to back up was we intuitively feel

Between Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights you have a huge amounts of stats to actually feed back into your marketing campaigns
* Plan your marketing
* Get Customer Feedback
* Out-care Your Competition
* Benchmark and measure your marketing
We’re always happy to meet up for a chat over a coffee to help your business succeed

Altrincham HQ offer Social Media Training and Outsourced Social Media Management services

Call Alex on 07806 774279 or email

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