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Altair sketches
This morning I went to the Nikal & Altrincham Chamber presentation at Hogans Of Hale / Francs Bistro about the new Altair Project

What you’ve already heard is it’s A £75 million pound town centre mixed used scheme, comprised of residential, retail & restaurants, office and leisure & sport uses

Nikal predict Altair will bring in an extra £20 million a year spend into Altrincham after the final completion stage happens in 2017

BUT The one fact that every single Altrincham Business Needs to Know and Act On is this…

“Altrincham has footfall of 179,000 people through Altrincham Interchange each week”

If you’re a business owner just think about that for a while – 179,000 people through Altrincham Interchange each week!

Add in
– Population of Altrincham according to the 2001 Census is 40,695
– In Trafford there is an 11% increase in population on a workday – usual residents are 162,806 – swelling to a workday population of 181,845

Trafford Population Change In Workday

All those different facets of life coming together in one space from school kids to commuters, people from neighbouring towns, sports fans staying over in Altrincham for large events as well as those families that live, work and breathe Altrincham

A lot of the talk today focused on dwell time, the public realm, the linking of the market, the cinema and the new Altair

Artist impression of Altair from Moss Lane - low res

If you offer a leisure business (restaurant, cafe, bar etc) or a retail business the questions you should really be asking now are:

How do we get a percentage of those 179,000 people that come through Altrincham Interchange to our business?

The average spend per visit in a restaurants or pub is £17.06 & £15.30 – what would these potential customers mean to your business?

For most businesses 1% or even 0.5% / 0.01% of the 179,000 (1790 or 895 people or 179 if you don’t have a calculator) would make a huge difference to their weekly takings


What channels do we have available online and offline to market to these people?

Without promotion something terrible happens…. nothing!

If people don’t know about the offering of your business how will your business expand

So many small businesses simply don’t market themselves effectively and that is half of the problem

Altrincham HQ work with businesses on Social Media Marketing i.e winning new & repeat business via twitter / facebook / linkedin and other Social Media channels

We have Partners who work on all other aspects of marketing from Web Design and SEO to Graphic Design and Offline Marketing.

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