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How many of you have seen twitter’s new activity tab?

I guess that depends how many of you log in occasionally to the twitter homepage as opposed to using a twitter client such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite

As it say’s at the top of the page you get Favorites, follows, retweets, and more by people you follow

Twitter Activity Feed - Screen grab

The two most interesting features of the activity tab are seeing

* Who the twitter accounts you’re following have started following themselves

* Which lists have been created by people you’re following

Think of it if you will as Social Media will eat itself when you look that Facebook took a twitter style ticker on it’s latest overhaul and now twitter takes back an almost facebook like activity update tab

The potential for businesses to learn a little more about their customers from the activity stream is really useful

Over the past 24 hours for instance we’ve found
* About 10 new local businesses we weren’t aware of previously

* In our quest to feed back into the community we tweeted about @roastreview – a new Sunday Roast Review twitter account which now has over 50% of it followers from Altrincham. The benefit to our local town is that they’re now planning a visit to review some of our local restaurants and pubs Sunday Roasts

* We found that another community twitter @moss_side has set up a South Manchester list for local news publications


So what are the benefits for you in business?

Knowledge is power and the activity feed if viewed on a regular basis can give you an overview of your market

Imagine if you were a restaurant for example and suddenly you found that a large amount of your customers were now following a new restaurant in the vicinity. Could this mean they’re offering something to tempt them away?

Also as with face to face networking you can look at friends of friends more easily and reach out and expand your network

Here’s an example of the how activity feed looks…
Twitter Activity Feed Example - Screen Grab

Have a look at the activity bar and see how it can help your business

Are any patterns showing?
Tell us how useful you found it in the comments section below?
Can you learn more about social media or twitter training?



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