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Networking and Social Media are perfect partners

Doing both individually will help grow your business, but by combining the power of both you’ll be unstoppable

In our latest blog we look at what to do before, during and after a networking on Social Media to make the most out of any networking event

1. Do A Quick Social Media Audit
Before you do anything do a quick social media audit of your profiles

If you’re doing everything after this point, you’ll get lots of eyeballs on your respective social profiles, so it’s important you present yourself in the best way possible

The list is exhaustive, but key areas you should be looking out for are your LinkedIn Profile Photo, LinkedIn Summary, Twitter Bio, Facebook Profile Photo and Cover photo, About Us page on your website, news or blog page on your website

and recent status updates across each respective network

It’s easy to let things slip, be out of date and infrequently update each of the above areas

A quick check point before each networking event will ensure they stay up to date

2. Announce You’re Going To The Event
You have a following on social media – so announce you’re going to the networking event on each different platform with a link to the Networking Event website or Eventbrite link

If everyone attending does this – it means more people hear about the event and more people attend

It’s a win win for everyone to have a busy event full of new faces at each event

The sign of a successful networking event or group is when everybody attending works to make it a success

The success of a networking event isn’t just down to the organiser

3. Ask The Organiser Which Businesses They’d Like To Attend
Ask the event organiser which businesses they’d like to attend

They may have an event where attendees would love to meet an IT company or a web designer or a plumber

Taking the time to ask the organiser which businesses they’d like to attend gives you a little focus to ask people 121 across your social networks to attend

With each new attendee it expands the reach of the networking event

4. Follow / Connect With The Speaker
By connecting with the speaker at the event in advance at it allows you to get a little background info before the event itself

You can then take an active role in the discussion / Q&A section of the event

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5. Post Content
Rich visual content is always engaging

Whether it be a photo, video snippet or a live streamed video

Show off the best of the event to build the buzz around it

Check in advance if there’s a specific hashtag the organiser would like you to use and remember to tag in the event handle for the event

6. Quote Tweet The Speakers Takeaway Points
Speakers often give their time for free at events to help educate attendees

Spread the education net wider with simple quote tweets of the speakers key takeaway points

There’s a value in that to your audience and there’s value to the speaker in terms of spreading the word about their knowledge

Givers gain

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7. Connect On LinkedIn
You’ve been to the event. You’ve collected a stack of business cards. And then what

Connect with who you’ve met on LinkedIn

But remember connect with them to build relationships – not just so you can send them a sales message the moment they accept your request

No one likes a pushy sales message after a networking event – the hard sell technique belongs back in the 80s

8. Keep The Conversation Going On Twitter
A networking event is just one touch point

You can speed up the relationship building process of networking by keeping in touch with people inbetween events on social media

Twitter is perfect for this if you build a Networking Twitter Lists to keep in touch with those businesses you’ve actually met face 2 face

66% of our tweets are replies and retweets of others – many within our networking circle

You should always spend more time listening on social so you can reply to their needs rather than focus on broadcasting your sales messages constantly all day

9. Tweet The Date Of The Next Event
Whilst the buzz is still strong from the previous event – tweet the date and event link of the next event

Since I started networking back in 2010 there have been more and more networking groups and events launching every year

People need to get dates in their diary a lot quicker than they used to and whilst there’s a buzz on social around a busy event, it’s a good way to attract new attendees

10. Write A Blog
I can guarantee every networking event you go to there will be inspiration for a blog

It might come during the intro round, a 121 conversation or the speaker slot – but people inspire ideas and there will be one great idea that springs up for a blog at every networking event you attend

You just need to write down or email yourself the idea / blog title before work gets in the way and hit the keyboard as soon as possible to write your masterpiece

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(PICS: All pics on this article by Martin Hambleton)

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