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Altrincham Leisure Centre
As of Dec 23rd 2011 the Sports Cafe at Altrincham Leisure Centre will be closed for the last time and we’re led to believe by the organiser of a facebook campaign to Save the Cafe that this also includes the bar and function room.

Like many Altrincham residents, the cafe was part of our childhood and in later years the bar became a function room for pivotal events.

As a child it was the carrot to get you to those swimming lessons, where if did find yourself drowning you’d naturally always be wearing pyjama’s and you’d always be diving for a brick. Fast forward a few years and I imagine nowadays the children are drowning in Onesies and diving for Ipads. All in all the cafe was a special treat and much more so than a hideous creation like McDonalds which at the time of it first opening seemed to take 40 minutes to cook a burger without tomato sauce on

In later years the bar and function room was used for my own 21st as it did for many others. It was something that ultimately made Altrincham Leisure Centre a social meet up as well as a place to get fit

In this culture of destruction and replacing it something new (aka replacing it with something that we already have in abundance and don’t need any more of – also see numerous empty office blocks in the town)…. the removal of the cafe removes one of those few places in Altrincham where family’s met and socialised together

As campaigner to save the cafe Chris Matthews explains:

“The café is to be closed it will be replaced with a new fitness suite and there are no plans to incorporate an area for those not taking part in activities. Those not taking part presumably will have to gather in the foyer or on the balcony overlooking the main hall.

The sports café is used all week by all walks of the community. They cater for most tastes and it is the only place to sit and relax whilst other family members are using the sports facilities”

Altrincham HQ fully support the campaign to save the sports cafe – join the facebook campaign here and spread the word!!!

Did you used to visit the cafe after sports activities?
What memories do you have?
Did you celebrate an 18th / 20th / Family celebration at Altrincham Leisure Centre

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