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As Twitter hit’s it’s 10th Birthday we thought we’d ask a few local businesses, community groups and residents exactly why they LOVE TWITTER

Twitter is something that once you get it keeps giving more and more – we can’t imagine a world without Twitter

So Happy 10th Birthday Twitter – this is why we love you!!!

Altrincham HQ Business Card
“I’m what’s called a Digital Native and Social Media has been part of my life since the days of Myspace

My reason for joining Twitter back in September 2009 was to promote and talk about my local town. I was tired of talking about things that happened in my home town and waiting 6 weeks for the newspaper to report it

Since then the newspapers have caught up a little – but Twitter is still there as the 1st person on the scene, breaking the news 1st

Twitter, despite it’s 140 characters, to me has always been more broadsheet than Facebook’s tabloid. There’s a different level of conversation on there, it’s more positive and proactive and you get a real community feel on Twitter.

I’ve been able to grow businesses and brands on Twitter, that’s the day job, but equally as important I’ve met true friends on Twitter that I would never have met without Twitter” Alex McCann, Altrincham HQ – @altrinchamhq

“The ATCP started using Twitter in 2011 as a means of interacting with local businesses and residents, sharing news about the town, canvassing opinion and promoting activities we are involved with.

We like the conversational nature of Twitter and that the informality can bring out some really good thoughts, opinions ideas and on occasion new initiatives

We’ve gained new participants to our projects and to the ATCP group of volunteers in general as well as making personal friends and developing business relationships

It’s very much become our “go to” space for all up to date & breaking Altrincham news & sometimes we’re the first with a piece of news to share.

During our time on Twitter we’ve also learnt a lot from other town centres and interacted with some national accounts which has improved our knowledge and awareness of town centre issues” Angela Stone, Altrincham Town Centre Partnership – @atcp1

Mich McGregor TWITTER
“To me Twitter is a community, we can make friends, help promote small businesses we believe in (mainly food related but that’s just me!) find out about local news and issues and get right to the heart of global events instantly. Happy birthday Twitter!” Michelle McGregor, Altrincham Resident – @michmcgregor

Alison Diamond
“I originally joined Twitter to promote myself as a musician and it is certainly a good platform for that, I can make people aware of what I do, sell CDs and publicise my gigs but it works in a much more subtle way than I first thought.

“I have got to know people in my local community, supporting and promoting good local businesses, joined an art class and taken part in online art activities, shared tips with fellow cyclists and had conversations with Tweeters who share my interests all over the world. All of this can lead to work opportunities for either party or just be pleasant social interaction.

There can be a downside to social media and I would like to see this issue addressed more vigorously by the company but on the whole my experience has been very positive” Alison Diamond, Musician – @ADsaxist

Alty Design Studio TWITTER
“Love how twitter is great for finding new businesses & also love the interaction with strangers who share the same interests as well” Mark Winstanley, Altrincham Design Studio – @altydesign

Sale West Voice TWITTER
“I first joined Twitter about 6 years ago but never really got to grips with it until 2012 when I started a degree in multimedia journalism at Salford university. We were given pointers on how to use it and since then I’ve never looked back.

Whilst at Uni I used Twitter to source several breaking stories and build my social circle – Twitter has enabled me to have conversations with people that I would never have managed to contact without it and even helped me source information for a feature that got me shortlisted for ‘student feature writer of the year’ in the 2014 Guardian Media Awards.

Since graduating I have continued to use Twitter on a daily basis, but now it’s for rather different reasons.

I am launching SaleWestVoice magazine next month and have found Twitter incredibly useful in harvesting information from across the community, as well as connecting me with some rather awesome people 🙂

Twitter has been great in raising the profile of SaleWestVoice Magazine and I look forward to many more happy years of Tweeting about all the great things on offer in Sale West and beyond.” Taaliah Nazar, Sale West Voice Magazine – @SWVMagazine

Altrincham Girl
“I’ve been using Twitter since 2011 when I first realised its benefit of finding out local information (events, news, amongst others) when I wanted to know now, rather finding out 24-48 hours later. I’ve always followed the activities

of Altrincham town centre very closely and it works extremely well that Altrincham is a very active ‘Twitter town’. Knowing all the latest openings (and closings) gives an indication to how the town is doing.” Linda Winstanley, Altrincham Resident – @altrinchamgirl

Red House Farm TWITTER
“I started with Twitter as I was told be on it, and when I started I didn’t really have a real clue what I was doing. I had some pointers on the way, some real training. I took time to understand and engage. I realised it was not about selling or promoting but talking to our audience on a very local level. The great thing now is that I have people come to me at the farm and say we have spoken via Twitter ! Love it !” Jonny Hewitt, Red House Farm – @redhousefarm

Ella Jane Brookbanks
“All of those titles below are mostly and hugely thanks to Twitter!!

I first joined Twitter 8 years ago when I was on maternity leave, I used it initially for connecting with others in the same situation and quickly moved on to writing about what I was up to. Which moved on to a column for an online magazine, then a newspaper article once a fortnight.

From tiny 140 characters came many many more words and things to talk about. And people wanted to hear of it.

I became known as a bit of a talker and got involved with lots of groups and people of a bit of importance. From this I now have a fantastic career in a vibrant and popular brewery company and lead a fantastic group of girls known as the Lindow Rainbows. And lots of businesses, groups and people know us, love us and want to be involved in helping us – mostly thanks to Twitter.

So, thank you Twitter and a very happy birthday 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂” Ella-Jane Brookbanks – Communications Officer for Wilmslow Girlguiding, Columnist for The Guardian Group and Business Executive for The Coach and Four, Wilmslow – @cheshire_ella

Aqua Design Group Twitter
“Twitter has been great at raising the profile of the business through networking and getting involved with and winning competitions such as @TheoPaphitis #SBS (Small Business Sunday) and the now discontinued, but still valid @Jacqueline_Gold #MOM (Men on Monday).

We’ve also started our own weekly competitions that’s been running since 2012 called #QueenOf and #KingOf days to promote women and men in business, which was inspired by our accomplishments on Twitter.” Dylan Moore, Aqua Design Group – @AquaDesignGroup


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