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Keyword Research & SEO

By May 29, 2012June 23rd, 2022No Comments

SEO and Social Media …you’d think from the number of times you’d see these terms on the same website that if you know one, you know the ins and outs of the other

Although they inhabit an online space very few people do both successfully and 99% of people who claim to do both either A) Outsource the area they don’t do and add a premium or B) Are a jack of all trade master of none outfit

Why am bringing this up I hear you ask? Well here at Altrincham HQ we know a lot about Social Media, but only skim the surface on SEO which is why we asked Gareth Mailer of Clickwork Media to do a keyword research tool which he offered for free on the 4Networking Thread here

For anybody who doesn’t know Keyword research is the start of any SEO Campaign and figures out what you want to rank for. A classic example Gareth always uses is the difference in search volume between “hotel in manchester” and “hotels in manchester” – the latter of which brings significantly different results

As part of his initial keyword research tool gareth found 100s of variations on “Social Media” “UK”, “Twitter”, “Altrincham”

It’s an exhaustive process, but key to google rankings and the search terms you want to rank for

If you want to find out more about SEO speak to Clickwork Media below … and of course remember to say where you heard about them first

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