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When you are focused you can achieve great things.

I’m writing this blog at 3pm in the afternoon. So far today I’ve spent at least 20 minutes on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and twitter for my own business. I’ve spent a similar time on clients social media accounts. I’ve had a dozen or so WhatsApp messages. And I’ve looked at BBC News for news news and NME for music news. I haven’t counted but I’ll have been bombarded with 100’s of pieces of information and adverts.

Now I’m nearly 15 years into running a social media and 24 years marketing experience and all of the above is done with intention. I don’t chop and change my marketing at a whim. I don’t fritter away time (apart from maybe TikTok which I’m trying to gain more focus with)

Today we’re going to talk about How to Stay Focused and Succeed in Marketing, which makes a suitable follow up to the blog How To Stop Burning Your Marketing Budget

The focus throughout this blog is going to be the idea of less not more.

Business owners often think that if they want to achieve more sales, they need to spend double, triple, 4x the amount of time marketing.

A lot of our social media training clients end up spending less time on social media, but being more productive and getting more results.

Think about that for a while.

Look at any of our social media profiles and you’ll see I follow significantly less people than follow me.

It’s not being rude. It’s protecting my energy.

You’ve heard of the phrase you become most like the 5 people you spend time with.

You spend as much time with social media as you do with human beings.

Unfollow 20 accounts on social media where their sole purpose is to sell something to you.

And replace them with 10 accounts who inspire you and educate you.

Curate your feed regularly and your time spend on social media will be more focused.

When I 1st started Altrincham HQ in there were 2 social media marketers.

If you were a local business, you had 3 choices.

  1. You worked with me
  2. You worked with the other social media marketer
  3. You don’t improve your marketing

It was a fairly easy decision.

Fast forward to 2024 there is paralysis analysis.

You’re probably following 10 social media marketers, 10 personal branding photographers, 10 VA’s (who say they do social media but don’t), 3 visibility coaches, 10 business coaches, 4 web designers. Every single person is contradicting each other and you’re more confused than you were 6 months ago. As a result, you actually flip and flop and don’t make any meaningful changes to your marketing.

Cut out 90% of the marketing noise you’re following and go ALL in on one person.

Actually, invest time and money on one person, because you know from other areas of life when you commit real change happens.

You can’t be everywhere.

Stop trying to be.

Social Media is my full time job and I find it hard being across LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Blogging, Youtube Shorts.

And that’s before you add in networking and 121’s

Again, it goes back to the marketing noise problem.

Sure, I could sell you courses on the above and make more money, but I have your interests at heart. You don’t need to do 7 courses with me. Simply pick the 2 most relevant channels for your business and go all in on them.

It’s better to be focused on 2 channels than distracted by 7.

No more “I’ll just got on social media to see what’s happening”

Be intentional.

You are going on social media to communicate and you’ll set a 5 minute timer to edit your content and post.
You are going on social media to relationship build and you are going to set a 15 minute timer.

The 15 Minute Hack To Get Visible On Social Media.

It’s Super Easy.

Everybody could do it.

90% of people don’t.

  1. Set a 15 minute timer on your phone
  2. Comment On As Many People On Your Social Media Feed – make the comments meaningful for impact (you get out what you put in)
  3. As Soon As The Timer Stops – post your own Post

And then get on with your day (checking back an hour later to quickly respond to any comments)

Less scrolling. Less meandering.

I know people who have more launches than I have lunches.

Always a new challenge, new service, new product, new offering.

In 15 years, I’ve launched 3 services: Social Media Training; Social Media Management; Advertising

3 services in 15 years. Not 3 services in 3 months.

When you are confident in what you offer and your customers know what you do, you build a sustainable business.

Want to stay focused?

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