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“I am Alex … and I am not a Clubhouse Addict”

That’s the confession

I don’t want you to be an addict

As a marketing specialist I’m always keen to emphasise that just because it’s available you don’t have to use every option – you use marketing platforms because they serve your overarching marketing strategy

I’m also a realist and know that 99% of people reading this blog won’t be maximising the channels they already use – opportunities are still left sitting on the table because you currently don’t use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, your own website, your mailing list, networking to the max

So to add Clubhouse into the mix alongside Tik Tok, Twitter Spaces and more is unrealistic

In this blog we look at How To Make The Most Of Clubhouse (without spending all day on it)

1. Start With Your Why
Why do you want to use Clubhouse?
How will it benefit your business?

You need to understand this as it impacts why you will use it

Do you simply want to learn something new whilst walking / doing the housework?
Do you want to network with new people?
Do you want to network with people you know without being on camera for zoom?
Do you want to build your personal brand as a speaker?
Do you want to build your personal brand as an interviewer / host?
Do you want to get booked to speak on podcasts?
Do you want to ask questions of “Influencers”?

There might be a number of reasons why you’re using Clubhouse – but you need to sit down and think about it carefully

If you are using it for business development, work out the strategy, the step by steps

If you are using it for networking / learning, compare on a hour by hour basis how Clubhouse would compare to other options

2. Network In Smaller Rooms
If you’re looking to network, the smaller rooms are key

The rooms with 10-20 people

Why the hell if you’re looking to network, would you even look at rooms with 100+ people in?

Some of my best opportunities have come out of rooms where there’s a small number of people

It gives you a safe space to talk and also an opportunity to hear other people speak

I’ve met new people, been booked for podcasts and even won clients in the smaller rooms

As an introvert the larger rooms scare me – but I know I need to push myself out of my comfort zone

3. Plan A Schedule
Fail to Plan, Plan To Fail

I find Clubhouse a platform where you can only do low level tasks at the same time rather than intense work

Like networking it takes a little trial and error to find the speakers and rooms that work for you

It will take a while to find the rooms that work for you

But make Clubhouse a part of your diary, so you don’t just while away hours a day on the platform

I’ve now found 3 or 4 rooms that I can make part of my weekly schedule if the work load allows

They are rooms that take place at set times so it’s easy to plan my day around them

4. Support Your Tribe
People have said the great thing about Clubhouse is that it’s a leveller because everyone is starting from zero

That’s the scariest thing about it

I have 38,000 followers across my social media

On clubhouse I have a few hundred and there’s no guarantee anyone will turn up on Clubhouse (and some can’t if they want to because it’s IOS only still)

The best thing you can do right now is support your tribe. Make them feel at ease by turning up to their rooms where possible. Don’t wait to be pinged in. Just join if you see their name in a room they’re hosting

Do this for 2 reasons

1. If you support your tribe, they’ll support you (and you still meet new faces in a room)
2. All the “Clubhouse influencers” are joining in together and supporting each other – why not learn from tgem, but also support your peers instead of the people with audiences

5. Request To Speak On Stage
If you’re in a room and you have an insight on what they’re talking about, put your hand up to speak

People can’t read your mind and putting yourself on stage draws attention to yourself

Remember the rules though
1. Listen as much as you speak
2. Don’t pitch in stage
3. Don’t go off topic

6. Connect With Your New Clubhouse Followers Across Social Media
One thing I’ve seen since using Clubhouse is my connections have grown on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

A lot of that comes from hearing someone speak in a room and DM’ing them whilst they talk

It’s one flaw in my opinion that you can’t DM on Clubhouse itself, but if it fits into the social media ecosystem then so be it

Remember you can be a passive listener

Or you can be an active member of the community

It’s often the latter which brings stronger results

Make sure your social media pops so that you make a stronger impression, as sometimes a dormant social media account can put people off

7. Use Room Titles As Research
This is the ultimate tip for using Clubhouse without spending hours

Open the app now

Look at the titles of the rooms on the main screen

These are subjects your peers consider to be important talking points

Can you use that as potential inspiration for your own blogs / podcasts / videos?

Note: I just did this to test myself. Between 3 upcoming rooms and 7 open rooms I could write 3 blogs inspired by the titles alone

8. Repurpose Content
Even if you’re using Clubhouse for just 2 hours per week it’s a sizeable chunk of your working week

How can you expand the reach of your Clubhouse activity to a wider audience

– Some people are using hacks and get around to record their audio / rooms for Podcasts
– Some people are doing beautiful illustrations of the key talking points
– Some people are writing up Clubhouse room summaries for blogs
– Some people are turning quotes into graphics
– Some people are taking excerpts to start conversations on LinkedIn / Facebook
– Some people are using it as auditions for podcast speaking slots

There are so many ways you can turn each hour spent into another piece of content

What are the best ideas you’ve seen?

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