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Social Media Agony Uncle: How do I find my ideal client on twitter?

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Dear Alex

How do I find my ideal client on twitter?

I find it easier on LinkedIn as there are more ways to search but on twitter – who knows 😂

Are there any ways to search as there are no groups etc

Hope you can help

Nicky, West Kirby

A really interesting question Nicky and Twitter is a platform that many struggle with initially

As you said on LinkedIn there are groups and a really handy search engine and on Facebook there are groups that are home to really strong communities of local or specific interests

Twitter in comparison can seem a little harder, but thankfully there are a few handy methods you can use to find your ideal clients on Twitter

I’ll outline a few of these ways you can find your ideal clients on twitter

With Twitter everything is open and transparent, which leaves a big trail for you to follow

There is the option to have a private account, but most business accounts will be public accounts so that they reach the maximum number of people possible with their tweets

If you’re looking to find your ideal customer then there are 2 places to look in terms of your competitors

– Your competitors following list
– Your competitors follower list

Think about who your competitors are following. It’s likely to be a mixture of people who inspire them, customers and potential customers. And likewise their follower list should be the same (along with quite a few people that want to sell to them)

The difficult thing about this is if the competitor is using Twitter as they should do, they will have a strong relationship with those people following them as they are engaging on a regular basis

So sure a follow (imagine it’s the 1st tap on the shoulder to say I’m interested in you) is good – but it’s what you do after that follow that really counts

Followerwonk is a really good search engine to search people by Twitter biogs – which is why what you put in your biog is so important

Let’s say you were targeting social media companies like ours in Twitter. And let’s say you want to really go local and look for someone in Altrincham

You can do just that and search by keyword and location

And when you look at the results it’s ranked by the number of followers so we’re sat at the top of 18 different results with the nearest to us having 12,000 fewer twitter Followers

Think about what you want to search – you can be specific by job role such as Personal Trainer or Managing Director or go for an interest like cats or dogs

A lot of the businesses we train are, without sounding a little League Of Gentlemen, local businesses for local people

The local hashtag whether that be #Altrincham or #AccringtonStanley or #Preston or #Prestatyn are where you’ll find other local people and businesses

In your case #WestKirby might be a good start

Like everything we’ve talked about before – the key is not in just the follow, but actually taking time to engage with people and show an interest

To give you an idea of what that means for us on Twitter it means we tweet about 50 times a day and around 50% of them are replies to other people

People like to get involved in the trending subjects on Twitter as they’re popular talking points that might be valid for your business / interests

Today for example is #WorldMentalHealthDay and in recent days it’s been #ColeenRooney #PizzaExpress and #ThomasCook as popular trends

If it’s relevant to your business it’s important to be part of the conversation, but by using a few handy filters on Tweetdeck it’s possible to really take those trending subjects to tweets from a local area – let’s say 20km of Manchester

Imagine how much more useful it is to talk about what you’re interested in, what is trending and do that with what your ideal local clients

An underrated feature of Twitter which hopefully be brought to more people’s attention with the redesign of Twitter which placed them screen left in view all the time

You can have public lists or private lists on Twitter (with most people opting for the latter)

Twitters are like a filing system for your VIPs where you can access Tweets from the people you add to the list

You could create lists for Social Media Help (and put us in it) and have lists for Clients, ideal Clients, Networking Group, Local News and so on

So those are 5 ways you can find your ideal clients on Twitter

I hope that helps – it’s about 5% of what we cover in our Twitter Training sessions, but it gives you a glimpse into what is possible

Let us know how you get on


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