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Hacking November for a successful New Year

As we write this it’s the 1st November and we know from years and years of growing a successful business – next years success is built on this years actions and plans

Far too many business owners sit down on January 1st and expect everything to land on their lap for the “best year ever”

Successful business owners will reviews their goals on a regular basis and change and adapt their daily actions accordingly

But if you haven’t done in this in the previous 10 months – here are some hacks for November to make for an amazing new year

My goals are pinned above my desk – they’re a constant reminder of what is important both in my personal and business life

Now I set a ridiculous amount of goals each year – 12 business goals and 12 personal goals

At the end of the year I’ll give myself a score out of 12 for each areas and often due to a change of priorities I’ll hit 7 or 8 out of 12

It’s those steps forward which mean I continually improve in all areas of my life

November isn’t a time to go into slowdown mode. It’s an opportunity to review those goals and see if there’s anything you still have to complete by the end of the year, ones that will carry on over to next year and ones that are no longer important

2 months is 16.6% of your year. Don’t slow down

You’ve been heads down all year delivering client results for the year

Take time in November to catch up with clients, so you can make sure you know their goals and what they’re aiming for

Ask them questions like

What’s been your highlights of the year?
Which things do we do that you’d love to see more of?
What are you business goals for the next year?
Is there anything more we can do for you?
Is there anyone we can introduce you to?

You have the knowledge and skill set

At this time of year it’s a good time to think about what new products you could launch in the next year

We deliver Social Media Training courses and on 121 level we have 6 specific courses we can deliver. On our group workshops we have 3 group workshops we deliver. And we have specialist Social Media Courses for different sectors we work with

At this time of year it’s time to think about how you can package your existing knowledge into a new product that can not only help others, but help grow your business

We’ve got 5 new courses that are launching early next year. What one product could you launch?

Networking or Not Working – that is the question

Audit every single networking event you attend on a regular basis and score it out of 10

If it gets less than 7 out of 10 – bin it and look for a replacement

Networking can be time well spent or a total waste of time depending on what events you’re attending

Maximise your time well and look at what you’re trying to achieve from networking

Not strictly business, but your friends will determine the success of your business

You become most like the 5 people you spend most time with

Now imagine your close friends are unambitious, negative, hate their jobs and live for the weekend

You don’t expect your friends to be clones of you and share the exact same ambitions, but if they are they only influence you have in your life, it can be the difference between having a good business and a great business

Explain to your friends what is important to you and your goals so that they don’t sabotage your dreams with bad habits


What one word can you have that sums up your whole year – one word that you keep coming back to time and time again

It might be something that reveals itself early on the in the year or midway through the year

To help you with this process, look back through the past 5 years of your life and sum up each of them with just one word

Now look ahead to the new year and think what thoughts would you like to project out for the next 12 months

Suggestions might include Collaboration. Health. Local. Content. Rapid-Growth

Whenever you have a question throughout the year ask yourself does it align with your word of the year

Everyone has a to do list

If you’re reading this, you probably have a to do list on your desk right now that you want to tick off and accomplish

I like to do lists – they unsure I get the important tasks done each day

Now here’s something to put together for the year ahead

A “Not To Do List” for the year

Think of all the things you do that aren’t productive for your business or personal life and put them on a not to do list above where you work

A not to do list is as important as your to do list – it will ensure you don’t waste time or do tasks that work against you

And no – I’m not suggesting you diet in December

I’m suggesting you diet in November to allow a fun filled December

If you’re like me you’ll probably put on half a stone over the Christmas period with all the parties, lunches you get invited to

And then it gets to January and as well as trying to grow your business, you spend half of January worrying about losing the weight you put on last month

Drop 7lbs less than you’d normally be in November and give yourself that buffer zone for December so come January it’s business as normal

Book that holiday now

Give yourself something in the diary to look forward to. Block the time off. Don’t let anything get in the way

If you run your own business you’ll love the work you do, but you’ll love switching off as well and getting out of the country into glorious sunshine

Book it now. Tick off that dream destination. Just do it!

What you read impacts how you’ll run your business

Order those books now that you know you should read so when you get a few spare moments between Christmas and New Year or those 1st few days of the New Year – you have that source of inspiration to hand

I can recommend 3 books that have inspired me this year

The Compound Effect – Darren Hardy
Key Person Of Influence – Daniel Priestly
Money – Rob Moore

What would you recommend I read next?

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