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Everybody’s an award winning agency nowadays aren’t they?

That’s the thought that struck me last Friday afternoon as I was showering on the way out for a rare weekend off. There I was washing the weeks stresses and worries away and recaping over the previous week successes and it dawned on me that virtually every single tweet i’d seen from a Marketing Company in the past hour was from an Award Winning Agency

For a second I thought Altrincham HQ is not an award winning agency, how do I get our very first award?

And then I thought let’s get back to reality – Altrincham HQ is a Customer Winning Agency rather than Award Winning Agency and long may that be the case.

Sure I could spend the next 4 hours scouring for an award for a Social Media Marketing Award for the Best Social Media Marketer in Altrincham who’s aged 35 and can pat his head and rub his belly at the same time …. and I could send a membership cheque off to a Business Organisation in the hope that come the end of the year I win one of their small business awards. If i’m lucky I might get a gold star for most improved that month 🙂

That’s not us and i’m not vain enough to do so

The biggest award for me is Customer Feedback, recognition and subsequent referrals from a great job and that will always mean more to me than a certificate or trophy on a wall

Ask yourself the following questions to find out if your a customer winning agency…

  • Are your customers happy to leave a written recommendation about the standard of your work on Linkedin / Freeindex etc?
  • After working with a customer do they recommend you to businesses, friends and family?
  • What percentage of your customers come via referrals?

Altrincham HQ is proud to be a Customer Winning Agency – 30% of our work comes via Social Media, 30% via networking and a massive 40% via referrals

At the time of writing this blog I have over 65 Linkedin Recommendations from customers who are super happy about the work i’ve delivered on Social Media Marketting

Would love to help you become more Customer Focused in your business? Give us an email if you feel you deliver 100% winning customer service

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