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Clubhouse is the most talked about Social Media Platform / App that everybody is talking about right now

Even if you’ve not downloaded it, you can’t help but have seen endless discussions about it on Facebook Groups and LinkedIn Posts

As I write this blog it’s number 8 on the Social Media section of the IOS Appstore

Let’s explore


Well, this is how Clubhouse describe themselves

“Clubhouse is a new type of social network based on voice—where people around the world come together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time.”

So, think Live Podcast meets Talk Radio meets Social Network

You can stay in the background and be a member of the audience or put your hand up and ask to be on the “stage”

Scarcity drives demand

Firstly, Clubhouse is IOS only, so people with Android phones can’t get a piece of the action (there is talk of Clubhouse rolling out to android in March)

Secondly, Clubhouse is invite only so people want to be part of the secret clubhouse and others are offering out invites

Whether Clubhouse is here for the longrun or not they deserve awards for the smart marketing as I’ve never seen hype for a platform like this

In the last week it’s reported that Clubhouse has grown from 1 million to 2 million users in just a week

It launched last year

Fast growth, but in the context of Twitter (17 million UK users), LinkedIn (29 million UK Users) and even more for Facebook and Instagram

Clubhouse – Rooms For You

1. The intimacy of voice without the pressure of camera
For many people Zoom Fatigue is real

There’s a pressure on appearing on camera and it takes a lot out of you mentally

A year into the pandemic, people are realising that maybe phone calls and audio only are an easier way to communicate than “Jumping on a zoom” 5 times a day

Clubhouse has the intimacy of voice without the pressure of camera

There’s something real and intimate about hearing someone’s voice and what they sound like, especially if you’ve had a text only relationship on other social networks

2. Access Information from “Influencers” or “Industry Leaders”
Many are seeing this as a pro

Although I’d debate that you can already access information from “Influencers” or “Industry leaders” from other sources such as Podcasts, Blogs, Interviews and Social Media

With Clubhouse there are 2 differences to those platforms
– It’s not rehearsed, polished or a show
– You can share a stage with them and ask a question if the host allows

In both of those respects it’s cheaper than paying for a conference or 1 on 1 with the “influencer”

3. New Audience
Around 50% of our followers on Clubhouse don’t follow us anywhere else

If you’re reading this blog and have heard of us for the 1st time – we’re @altrinchamhq on all the social’s apart from LinkedIn where I’m Alex McCann

So in theory if you choose the right rooms then Clubhouse allows you reach outside your existing network rather than speak to the same people on a different platform

4. Anecdotal stories of people winning clients
I mention the word anecdotal specifically here

Anecdotal stories have come out of people winning clients for their £1000+ courses direct from meeting someone on Clubhouse

Every platform has anecdotal stories of people winning business. If you followed the anecdotes you’d be using every platform out there

At this stage it’s too early to tell for most businesses if this is a serious business tool or simply a place to listen to information

Clubhouse: All Rooms


1. Time suck

Firstly, there’s the notifications, which even when you turn them down to the lowest level are still pretty intense

Secondly, in terms of consumption, audio content only works for low level tasks

Which means if you’re using Clubhouse as a replacement for radio / music whilst washing the pots, cleaning the house etc then it’s absolutely fine

If you’re doing high level tasks such as a proposal, important emails, writing a blog then Clubhouse is too much to focus on both

Thirdly, there are other platforms that you could consume information a lot quicker. Blogs, Podcasts and so on without the waffle

I hate to say it, but there is a lot of waffle on Clubhouse at times – think the person at your networking groups whom 30 second intro means 3 minute intro

2. Your Audience Are Already On Other Platforms
Let’s just say you’re a business like ours

You’re based in Manchester, England

You work internationally, but the vast majority of your clients are in the North West

Despite the protestations that Clubhouse is only a learning platform that people are using to learn from, there is the business development side of the platform

In business it’s all about priorities and so many people who are now finding time for Clubhouse have always stated they don’t have time for Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn – you know, places where they have an audience of customers (or would be customers if they were truly active)

3. False Prophets and Fake Gurus
The reality is you probably know anybody you need to know to help grow your business

– They’re in your networking group / circle
– They’re someone you’ve met several times face 2 face
– They’ve worked with a number of people you know
– They’ve answered your question in a blog / video previously
– They have a lot of testimonials
– You already have their phone number / email address

Are you really not going to take advice off them to replace them with someone on Clubhouse
– Who you don’t know
– Who has no qualifications / testimonials
– Who hasn’t worked with anyone you know
– Who has no online footprint apart from Clubhouse
– Who you don’t have the contact details for

The reality is Clubhouse is full of slick “gurus” praying on the naive

Not all of course – but with every new thing there are gurus, fake experts and con (wo)men

Choose who you take your advice off wisely as it’s your health, your wealth and your business at risk


Clubhouse is hot right now

It would be foolish to ignore

But 90% of your focus should be on platforms that work for you business and 10% for experimenting with things like Clubhouse

It’s easy to focus on things that distract you rather than focus on business itself

Naturally if it’s a replacement for leisure time like Netflix, Soaps and using Clubhouse more doesn’t detract from your work / life balance then spend more time with

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