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Between our Facebook Page and Facebook Group we have an audience of 20,000+ local people.

At the moment the page and group are roughly an equal audiences but within 2 months of this blog being published our group will be outgrowing our Facebook page.

Which raises that question many have

“Are Facebook Groups alone enough to build a successful business?”

Both Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups are huge parts of the Facebook experience and you’ll find our answer at the end of this blog as we debate with ourselves the case for each.

I’d love to here your thoughts on the below arguments, so do comment on our socials or email your thoughts.

Yes – Facebook Groups Are A Powerhouse

Let’s look at the pros of using Facebook Groups to promote your business.

With Facebook Groups You’re Advertising To A Bigger Community

I run a Facebook group with around 10,000 people in it.

I know that the audience size is bigger than the number of Facebook Page likes of 99.9% of businesses who advertise in it.

They’re literally getting in front of 10x the eyeballs, if they think about what they post in the group rather than lazily spam every single local group in the area.

It’s smart use of you time to fish in a bigger pond than what you already have.

In Facebook Groups People Are Looking For Suppliers Like Yours

Every single day people are asking “Can anyone recommend an XXX?”

And if you’re not in the group then chances are your competition are.

Businesses that are a true part of a Facebook group and involved themselves in the community will get recommended when someone asks.

Your Customers Are In Local Facebook Groups

Out of thousands of members, you’re hoping that a lot of them will be your customers.

The customers that are there to jump in and shout about how good you are.

The customers that have your name at the tip of their lips

It’s like a networking event without the dodgy breakfast.

Hundreds and Thousands Of £££s are being made every day in Facebook Groups

This isn’t a myth.

It’s proven marketing.

Hundreds and thousands of £££s are being made every day by small businesses in local Facebook groups.

No – You Need A Strategy For Your Facebook Page As Well

I hear your answer and you offer a strong case, but this is why I’m going to argue the case even stronger for needing a Facebook page as well as a group.

You’re living on rented space in and can be kicked out of Facebook Groups at any time

Cross the Facebook Group admin and you’re out.

Have you posted on the wrong day? Posted too much? Forgot that you market your business in the group and suddenly started on a personal trolling attack on someone?

Facebook as a whole is rented space when it comes to marketing your business, but Facebook groups are a whole new level and things can change at any time when it involves people.

And I’ve been there with other groups, where I’ve been kicked out and I still don’t know why.

It was only when I spoke to other local businesses that I found out that 50% of businesses I know had been kicked out without warning.

In Facebook groups people often want cheap and fast

“Can anyone come around mine and fix XYZ – if anyone who doesn’t charge the earth and is available in 30 minutes, please message me hun”

This isn’t every post, but often people can treat Facebook business requests like a second-hand market place rather than someone running a serious business that has a family to support and tax to pay.

You’ll get higher quality leads from general marketing than you will do on Facebook groups.

Who has got time to waste with tyre kickers?

Smart customers will look for reviews / content on your Facebook Page / Website (even after a Facebook Group recommendation)

If you post or someone recommends you in a Facebook group, then the 1st thing that person is going to do is look at both your Facebook Page / Google Page and Website.

They’re looking for reassurance.

They’re looking for posts that resonate with them and reviews that sing your praises.

If any of those are missing or your Facebook Page has either no content or out of date content, then they’re going to move on to the next company.

You’re not going to know this has happened, as 80% of the buyer’s journey has happened before they’ve even got in touch.

A mention in a Facebook group doesn’t guarantee success alone.

Facebook Pages offer so many more options than Facebook groups.

Facebook Reels, Facebook Stories, Facebook Insights, Facebook Advertising …

… that’s just a few of the areas that Facebook Pages offer to market your business.

Facebook Pages for all the knocking still allows great reach for your business and the ability to community with your customers on your terms rather than the group admins terms.

If you nail your marketing on Facebook then there is still huge potential – for our own page and that of our customers we still reach at least 50% of the audience size every day with pages.

CONCLUSION – Are Facebook Groups Alone Enough To Build A Successful Business?

Facebook Groups are a great place to market your business.

But we need to be honest, unless it’s a group you admin, they’re about 20% of your total Facebook Marketing

80% of your activity on Facebook should be on your own Facebook Page and bringing together your own community.

Most smart Facebook Group Admins will only allow businesses to post once a week so the group doesn’t become spammy – your Facebook Page allows you to market every single day.

Ignore what you’ve heard about problems with organic reach on Facebook – it’s more often than not, a content problem than an algorithm problem.

And with a little outside help and intervention your Facebook Page can be on fire!!!

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