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Partnership, Collaboration and How Strategic Social Media Marketing Alliances can help.

Social Media Marketing does not sit in silo away from the rest of the world.

The impact of social media can enhance the reputation of Web Designers, Photographers, Content Creators, PR, Accountants, Recruiters, Business Coaches and Networking Groups amongst others.

In our latest blog we look at Accelerating Client Result: How Strategic Social Media Marketing Alliances Can Help.

WEB DESIGNERS: How Strategic Social Media Marketing Alliances Can Help

A client of yours has just spent a few hundred / thousand pounds on a new website.

They walk away super happy as the website looks amazing.

They know in terms of branding, it looks a lot better than what they had previously.

But then 3 months later they get disenchanted because website visits, leads and sales haven’t increased.

They start to tell people they’ve wasted all this money on a new website that hasn’t helped the business.

Instead of letting your customers go from ecstatic to dissatisfied in 12 week, you could at the brief stage suggest that they look at improving their social media on a training course with us. So the moment when the website goes live they hit the ground running and realise that marketing is important. During the social media training session, we also talk to them about the importance of blogging to drive more traffic and leads from the website on an ongoing basis.

Because of this one move the customer stays ecstatic about their website, gets more sales and comes back to you for their next website upgrade 4-5 years later.

PHOTOGRAPHERS: How Strategic Social Media Marketing Alliances Can Help

You’re a photographer.

You’ve been booked in for a LinkedIn headshot day or a personal branding shoot.

On the former the whole team update their LinkedIn profile pics and then post how happy they are with the photos. And they never post again on LinkedIn. The company director feels the shoot was just a waste of time, as LinkedIn isn’t turning into the lead generation tool they expected.

On the latter you deliver 30 perfect photos for the client to use on Instagram. As they don’t understand social media, they don’t have a clue what to post so turn to ChatGPT for their Instagram captions. You cringe every time you see the word elevate and rocket emojis as you realise the words don’t do your photographs justice.

Instead of your clients doing half a job on their social media, you advise them on your discovery call to book half a day with Altrincham HQ.

As a result when you send them the download link, you know they are confident with their social media marketing and you get repeat bookings.

The increased sales from LinkedIn means they now book you once every 3 months to do headshot days for new starters. The personal brandings shoots go from a one a off to 4 bookings a year as the client realises they need fresh content and are seeing the benefit of strong copywriting with your images.

CONTENT CREATORS: How Strategic Social Media Marketing Alliances Can Help

Somehow, you’ve been saddled managing the social media for clients.

You’ve said you offer social media management alongside content creation to get a foot in the door.

But the truth is you don’t like managing social media and you’re not the best person for the job.

As a result, you’re getting a lot of client churn.

Clients who love the content, but who can’t justify the fees for content if the social media isn’t driving sales.

So, you take a different approach.

You stick to what you do best which is producing content and suggest they work with a social media manager to focus on the other 80% of social media management which isn’t content creation.

You suddenly find that sales are being generated by social media and the client churn stops.

On top of that you enjoy your work as you’re going what you actually love doing.

PR: How Strategic Social Media Marketing Alliances Can Help

You’re an experienced PR with a track record for getting results.

Each month for your clients, you get coverage across regional, national and online titles.

You report back to clients how this coverage is reaching 500,000 – 2 million people a month.

And yet the social media doesn’t reflect how good the brand is in real life or how good your PR is.

You feel it’s a wasted opportunity for the client to be posting on social media once a month and they never seem to amplify your press coverage.

The clients don’t have the time or inclination to manage their own social media, so you suggest outsourcing their social media to a business like ours.

From that point on the social media is on point and matching the high quality of your PR coverage.

ACCOUNTANTS: How Strategic Social Media Marketing Alliances Can Help

You know the figures.

Your clients profits have been shrinking year on year.

And you also know that their expenses don’t include any marketing activity.

They keep telling you that word of mouth is working, but the figures are telling you otherwise.

You have 2 options.

You keep quiet to avoid rocking the boat, knowing that if you say nothing, they won’t be in business in 12-24 months.

You say something about their lack of investment in marketing, hoping they act on your advice.

You go for the latter.

They invest in training initially to keep the costs down and after 3 months they can start to see a turn around. They’re happy with the results, but they know they can do better so choose to outsource their social media to build on this.

Their next tax return shows the investment in marketing has paid off and there are signs of turn around.

They’re grateful for the intervention and realise you add more value than just what you’re paid for.

RECRUITERS: How Strategic Social Media Marketing Alliances Can Help

The client you’re working for have a recruitment problem

It’s a candidate’s market and you know you’re good at what you do, but you can’t work miracles.

They have no digital footprint, the website looks like it was built in 2005, and all the good candidates are looking elsewhere.

You’re blunt with them and say we won’t work with you unless you fix the following issues

  • Update your website
  • Introduce an employee advocacy scheme for LinkedIn

Short term you’re turning down work, but by being honest with potential clients it works out well in the long run.

Clients are coming back in 6 months in a much stronger position, which makes your job 10x easier.

They’re grateful for your honesty rather than taking money and sending through the wrong candidates.

Because of this you have fruitful relationship that lasts years rather than a one-off job.

BUSINESS COACHES: How Strategic Social Media Marketing Alliances Can Help

One of your tool kits during your coaching session is the 90-day plan.

You understand that sales and marketing is a key part of every single one of your client’s growth plans.

And as a result, you are continually being asked for social media advice.

You know the basics, but you’re not an expert and you don’t keep on top of all the latest changes.

You feel that too much time is being spend on sessions talking about social media and specific problems.

You feel the time would be better spent looking at the overarching picture whilst they tackle the social media with an expert.

This framework allows you to spend 2 minutes doing an email introduction and other 1 hour 58 minutes focusing on other areas of growth for the client.

You really start to show your value by doing this.

NETWORKING GROUPS: How Strategic Social Media Marketing Alliances Can Help

You run a networking event.

One thing all the members struggle with is Social Media and you realise it would be a benefit for everyone to be more members to be active on social media.

You float the idea round to do a group social media training session after the next networking meeting.

It works out cheaper for each attendee as it’s a group booking rather than 121.

This social media training session is the 1st training session you run and it’s such a success you look at implementing a full programme of training for members as an extra benefit of being part of the group.

Over time this increases membership and more business is being passed around the group.

You’ve achieved the goal of increasing the economic activity of all your members.

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