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In many ways I think January can set the tone for the rest of the year.

A successful January spurs you on to do greater things and an poor January can damped the spirits

January at Altrincham was the 2nd best month we have had in the past 12 months and we’ve taken on 2 new Social Media Management Clients – a new foodie client and a fellow creative business

We also delivered Social Media training to 16 people across a number of businesses

From B2B businesses we’ve spoken to locally – there was no such thing as Quiet January this year!!!

We Love Altrincham
Social Media is wonderful, but there’s always the small percentage of keyboard warriors that are quick to put down people with good intentions

Tired of seeing negative tweets or facebook posts when new businesses / initiatives were launched in Altrincham – we launched the We Love Altrincham poster campaign

The message was simple – “Tweet Positive About Our Town – use the #altrincham hashtag”

The poster was Big, Bold and was designed to make an impact … and make an impact it did!

So far there are around 50 posters up in Altrincham with more businesses asking us for them each day

If you would like a poster to display in your business email (we have a few A3 / A4 posters left)

Remember it takes the same amount of time to tweet something positive as to tweet something negative!

“Should I have called the business Altrincham HQ?”

It’s a question I asked myself at least once a month and a question others have asked in reference to does it affect businesses approaching ourselves from outside of the confines of Altrincham

Well this month I worked with a business from Wales and travelled to Wakefield to deliver a Social Media strategy session. As well as that this month I have worked with businesses from Liverpool, Stretford and Sale as well as a large number in Altrincham

The answer is it really doesn’t affect people’s perception as the skill set is universal and our number of LinkedIn Recommendations is around 6-7 times the average for our field

Here is our recommendation from our Welsh Client

Colwyn Bay Testimonial
Just before Christmas I worked with a local B2B client on a half days Social Media Training Session.

The business had a niche specialised market with a finite amount of potential clients

They dropped us an email one month later to let us know what had improved since we met

  • Facebook Likes had increased by 62%
  • Twitter had seen massive improvement in one month – nearly 100 new targeted followers, 10,300 tweet impressions and 244 engagements (there were only 92 engagements in the whole of the previous year)
  • Blogs increased to 1 blog per week
  • Website Improvements – Due to issues with the format of their website they’d been able to highlight changes to blog formats to increase SEO / Analytics

This is what month of active Social Media can do and long term this will convert to sales.

Here’s the testimonial from that very training session

“Alex provided social media training to us and was very knowledgeable, informative and passionate about his subject. Taught us plenty of things that we had no clue on for us to implement going forward. Great value for money, would recommend!”

Zipyard Altrincham 50000th CUSTOMER

Zipyard are one of the Altrincham Success Stories so we were extremely proud to see them announce their 50,000th customer this month

Altrincham HQ worked with Richard from Zipyard back in 2012, just after the business has launched, to refine what they were doing on twitter and cut through the noise to reach a larger audience

It’s been great watching them grow, pick up numerous awards and win customers time and time again through Social Media

Here’s what Richard McConnell of Zipyard said about our Social Media Training

“I recently had a 1 to 1 training session with Alex to enhance the social media side of The Zipyard. Alex was fantastic to work with. His course was well structured to suit my specific needs and goals and his knowledge on social media is second to none.

As a result I have seen a drastic improvement in The Zipyards online presence. I would have no hesitations in recommending Alex to anyone considering social media training”

If you’d like help with Social Media Marketing Call Alex on 07806774279 or email

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