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Who inspires you on Instagram?

I had to think about that question for a while and as I scrolled through the 1500-ish accounts I followed, 5 accounts kept cropping up time and time again

Interestingly only one of them is a business in the traditional sense, but I turn to them for inspiration every day and they influence what I do

In the blog you will learn why
– If you’re opting for a perfect grid – make sure the posts make sense as standalone images
– You should embrace your niche and your audience will come
– If you are in an overcrowded space – look at how you can view things from a different angle and rip up the market
– You should use your Instagram to make a positive impact on the world
– Everyone loves an inspirational quote

Read below for an indepth look


In terms of Instagram Aldi have possibly the most perfect Instagram feed ever

In the real world they’re competing on price – on Instagram they’re producing content that if we’re honest is in a different league to any of the other supermarkets

Their feed is like a never-ending banquet table (although they have started throwing in the odd video) and what really works here is each photo works as a standalone image as well as part of the overall piece. This isn’t the mistake that many businesses make of making a perfect grid whilst forgetting that most people consumer the content as one off images in the feed

They have 384k followers and likes are generally 1000-2000 with more popular posts reaching 10,000+ (generally where audience members are encouraged to tag people)

Check Them Out:

Key Takeaway: If you’re opting for a perfect grid – make sure the posts make sense as standalone images

There was a recent Instagram survey done this year that revealed 2 facts

– 87% of people have taken action after seeing product information on Instagram
– only 36% looking for beautifully produced images and videos

Accidentally vegan taps into both of these stats as you don’t get a hugely glossy perfect Instagram feed like some of the vegan food bloggers. Instead they opt for a mixture of user generated content and product photos in a niche that educates people

I only went 100% vegan 12 months ago and it’s one of my go to accounts

They post when there is something worth posting about – which means some days there are 4 or 5 posts a day and other times there are no posts for 2 or 3 days. They have 214k Instagram followers and each post gets an average of 2000-5000 likes with comments often going into the 100’s

In-between they post stories where vegans have tagged in their latest finds

They’ve become one of the bibles for all things vegan on Instagram

Check them out:

Key Takeaway: Embrace your niche and your audience will come

MCR Patterns has a one line bio of “Making #patterns out of #Manchester” and it’s all that’s needed

I’m a man of words rather than an artist or designer, but this account fascinates me

Every single post makes me curious and helps me see things from a different angle

Since I discovered them a few months ago I’ve tried to work out where the daily pattern was taken from

For all I know it could be a really really simple photoshop trick, but every image is fascinating

I suspect long term this account will go on to monetize the images and sell them into corporates in the city centre

They deserve to make some money out of this account as it’s so good

Check them out:

Key Takeaway: If you are in an overcrowded space – look at how you can view things from a different angle and rip up the market


If we were judging Instagram on how a perfect feed should look – then 56 Black Men was technically a better feed when it started with the original concept

56 Black Men started as a visual campaign documenting 56 black men who are doing something other than what is widely plastered about black men across various forms of media. Championing the idea that “I am Not My Stereotype”, in 2018 Cephas took a series of 56 portrait images of black men all wearing hoodies. The number 56 taken from a sky report that detailed the number of black people murdered in 2018.

I follow Cephas over Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram so it’s hard to pick up where I see the updates most – but Instagram feels like a natural fit

As I said the #56blackmen movement went from 56 portraits to a feed which now features meet ups, interviews, talks and daily inspiration. Visually it’s not as regimented as when it started, but this project is making an national impact

Check them out:

Key Takeaway: Use your Instagram to make a positive impact on the world

“I got 21 seconds to flow
I got 21 seconds to go”

So Solid Crew knocked the doors down for British Black Music in the UK

And still to this date their debut album is an all time classic

And that’s what drew mew towards following the Official So Solid account on insta

A mixture of throwback images, product posts and promo fills in the gaps – but its the “Hail Mega” quotes in between to motivate everyone that the secret to the accounts success

Everyone loves a good quote and these don’t disappoint

Hail Mega

Check them out:

Key Takeaway: Everyone loves an inspirational quote

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