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“What has Social Media done for you?”

It’s a question so many ask

And my answer always is EVERYTHING

But Social Media isn’t this one size fits all beast, the same as traditional marketing isn’t a one sized fits all beast

So in our latest blog I wanted to explain the 5 Huge Opportunities Twitter Gave Me

700k Impressions
1. Ability to Reach 500,000 Screens A Month

Awareness is the 1st part of marketing

Converting is the 2nd part of marketing

I have both in the bucket load from Twitter – but converting wouldn’t happen without the awareness part

On an average month on twitter I reach 500,000 screens although I have peaked at 790,000

When you think how much that would cost in traditional media terms it’s crazy

People being aware of your brand on social media opens doors as they have a warm intro to you before you’ve even met them in person

2. Unparalleled Sales Platform
Most of my sales come from Twitter

I mentioned last month that my higher paying jobs comes from LinkedIn

But for sheer number of sales – its twitter every time

Both B2C and B2B clients. It’s important to mention the latter because I realise many out there struggle with social B2B

I’ve sent over 100,000 tweets and generated at least a £1 for every tweet I’ve sent

3. A Voice to Those That Are Ignored
I built my business on chatting to those that were ignored

Those ignored by the press

Those ignored by town teams

Those that weren’t hipster or artisan enough

Those businesses still chat to me now 9 years after we launched

It’s tough being a small business and reaching out to people and being ignored

You might look at my account and think I have 13,000+ followers – but it wasn’t always the case and even as an established business you can still get ignored by the powers that be

I totally feel your pain

Altrincham VS Cancer 2018
4. Raising Thousands for Charity
We’ve always said we’re 50% business / 50% community

If you have an audience use it for good

Earlier this year we were finalists in the Small Business Big Heart Awards

Over the past 4 years I’ve organised Altrincham VS Cancer for the Christie

Bringing together 28 businesses together over 5 events and raising over £12,500 to date

I simply wouldn’t have been able to do this without the relationships I’ve built on twitter

I did it for the Christie

Tweet Others As You Want To Be Tweeted
5. Meet New People

The clue in name Social Media

And in particular the word social

I’ve met friends, business contacts and clients all from conversations on twitter

And I’ve met these people not just locally but all over the North West and the UK

Twitter makes it easy to have 121 conversations with people

80% of our time on Social Media is having conversations with people

That’s the one message I want to leave you with

“Talk to people as much as possible on Twitter. If you just broadcast on twitter and expect result you might as well give up now”

If you’ve read this far – I hope you tell us what you love about twitter and you talk to us regularly

Were @altrinchamhq

Chat to about Social Media Marketing for YOUR organisation , so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your organisation

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting with you

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