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5 Essentials To Grow Your Social Media Following
How do I grow my social media following?

It must be the most often asked question by businesses small and large

Whilst we could debate the quantity vs quality of followers as many have, there is no reason you can’t have an ever growing number of quality followers

So whether you’re a small business or large business, whether you’re a B2C business or B2B business, here are 5 absolute essentials to grow your social media following

Social Media Is A Marketing Role
1. Dedicated social media manager

Social Media should not be something that is left “for when I get the chance”

It’s a role that needs to be written into a job description with clear roles, responsibilities and KPI’s to measure against

For small businesses we’re not suggesting you rush out the job advert not for a 40 hour a week position, but social media isn’t something that should be a “nice to have addition” alongside another job role where you, the business owner, are happy that something occasionally goes out

The dedicated social media manager should have time allotted as part of their daily activities to dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to social media where nothing else in the business detracts from this

They should also be trained in the role of Social Media Marketing and feel confident to approach the role rather than assumptions made as to their skill set

Always remember that Social Media is a marketing role rather than an admin function

Social Media Storytelling
2. Content Library

Your business should not be suffering content droughts

We’ve probably used that phrase in 3 or 4 blogs this year and we will continue to do so

Your content library should be packed with visual content be that photos, videos, graphic design and every story should be told

Stories should have a beginning, a middle and end

And it should be documented at every opportunity

Digital champions for each area of your business should be empowered to provide content to the dedicated social media manager to allow them to do their job

When it comes to content the mission should be over deliver rather than just do what is necessary

The word new is a magic word that brings so much back to your business

Customer Service And Social Media
3. Great customer service

Great customer service is at the heart of every great business

After all what happens in real life ends up on Social Media

If you provide great customer service to customers, the amplified word of mouth that is social media will take over and more and more people will hear about the business

What is better to grow your social media following than having raving fans that are happy to shout about you at every moment?

If you can be one of those handful of businesses that people shout about in a good way you’re on to a winner

When a customer shouts about you that means your business is the different between great and good

Employee Advocacy
4. Employee advocacy scheme

When you think of an employee advocacy schemes you immediately think of huge companies like Barclays, IBM, Apple and so on

There’s no reason an employee advocacy scheme can’t apply to a small business with 3-5 employees

If you have a dedicated social media manager who has great content and a business where all the staff believe in great customer service – it makes it easier for employees to get behind everything you’re doing on social media

The average Facebook user now has about 338 friends

The Average Twitter User Now has 707 Followers

Imagine getting your staff behind the business sharing your key updates on Social Media as well

An employee advocacy scheme can often mean that your updates reach double, triple or more the audience they normally would

Networking Group & Social Media
5. A Strong Network

Face to Face networking is a strong way to build your online network

Networking when done the right way is about helping and supporting others within your network

It makes sense that if you go to a weekly / monthly networking group with 30-40 businesses attending – not only will your immediate social media following grow, but so will the sharing potential from all of those businesses as well

We’re part of a local networking group with approx. 20 members and the twitter account reaches over 100,000 screens each month because of the power of the collective

If you’re part of a networking group that doesn’t support each other on Social Media, then you’re part of the wrong networking group

Chat to us about Social Media Marketing for YOUR organisation , so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your organisation

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting with you

Look at our Social Media Training and Social Media Management services


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