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5 Classic Blogging Mistakes That Small Businesses Make
5 Classic Blogging Mistakes That Small Businesses Make

I started blogging back in 1999 and blogging will live on as long people have imagination and ideas

My most read blog was read by over 580,000 people and yet I’ve published blogs that have been read by just 25 people in one day and gone on to win new business

Whether it’s simple awareness and exposure or you want to convert blog readers to actual clients, it’s clear that you must get the basics of blogging right for business

Here are 5 Classic Blogging Mistakes That Small Businesses Make

1. Being Too Internally Focused
People want to read blogs to solve a problem or relay information

They want to feel like the blogger is speaking to them about their business

Far too often bloggers start with the question “Well what can we write about ourselves” rather than the question “What do our customer base want to know about”

You know this is true, because you’ve probably asked the 1st question a lot

Simply asking the right question before you start blogging can help create content that resonates with the audience

Start with your customer personas and make sure every single blog you write is aimed towards one of those personas

2. Copying And Pasting News Stories
“So if I see something online can I just copy and paste it and add a couple of lines at the end of my own words”

No, No, No is the answer I give to a lot of people who are starting on their blogging journey

I know you might have heard the words “Google loves new content on your website” from your web designer, but what they really should have said is “original content”

Just because we live in a world where journalists copy and paste press releases doesn’t mean you should mimic the copy and paste culture

By all means if there is a breaking news story it makes sense to talk about a trending subject – but write a thought piece detailing your ideas and own unique take on the issue

3. Brevity

Respecting people’s decision to click is something you should always consider

In a world of noise attracting people to click in increasing getting harder

But that doesn’t mean you can seduce people with a clickable headline on social media and leave the reader feeling empty

Brevity and covering the top line of a subject will do you no favours in the long run. You have just one chance to gain a reader for life or a onetime reader that bounces

Make people feel right in their decision to click by really drilling down into a subject and leaving strong takeaways they can action

By now for instance you should have at least 3 ways you can improve your blogging

4. Blogging Infrequently
There’s a case to argue that blogging infrequently is as detrimental as not blogging at all

Imagine a potential customer lands on your website and clicks on your blog as they like to shop around suppliers based on the quality of the articles as well as testimonials

And they land on your website and see the last blog was written 18 months ago

Do they assume you don’t have the commitment to continue with your blog?

Do they assume you’re still in business (after all the rest of the website is static)?

Do they go for your competitor who has blogged religiously in the 18 months you haven’t and shows they’re up to date with advice?

Make sure the very last blog on your website as least has this month and this year on it

5. Poor Blog Distribution Plans
Writing a blog is just stage 1 of blogging for business

The 2nd stage is distribution and getting eyeballs on it

A great blog that is read by no one is not a great blog

At the outset you need to consider things such as

* Social Media Audience
* Mailing List
* Influencer Outreach Strategy

If you don’t have a plan for distribution then expect to be disappointed


Chat to us about blogging for YOUR business , so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your business

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