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“Marketing should not simply be left to the marketing department”

If I’ve said that once I’ve said that a thousand times (and yes, you did just read that out in the voice of your mum or dad)

Employees are your great asset when it comes to LinkedIn and members of staff should be as active (if not more so) on the platform than the company page is

Before you start going through the 40 questions below I’ll start you with this thought

“I see owner managed businesses who are more active on LinkedIn than companies with 10-100 staff. And whilst the companies have the scale, it’s the individuals that are winning more business from LinkedIn than the larger corporates. The power of LinkedIn is there – people just need to use it”

1. Do you feel that as a company as a whole, you use LinkedIn to it’s potential?
2. Do you feel that multiple employees posting regularly on LinkedIn would help awareness of your business?
3. Do you feel that multiple employees posting regularly on LinkedIn would help drive sales for the business?
4. Do you feel that multiple employees posting regularly on LinkedIn would help tell more interesting stories about the business?
5. Do you feel that multiple employees posting regularly on LinkedIn would help make you stand out above the competition?

1. Compare your company page followers vs your 3 main competitors followers
2. Are your competitor’s posts getting more or less engagement than yours?
3. Are your competitor’s employees more or less active on LinkedIn than yours?
4. Do your competitor’s employees have more or less LinkedIn recommendations than yours?
5. What is the one thing you’re doing better than competitor’s on LinkedIn? What is the one thing your competitors are doing better than you on LinkedIn?

1. Does your CEO / MD have a completed profile on LinkedIn?
2. Has your CEO / MD posted a LinkedIn Article?
3. Does your CEO / MD post status updates on a regular basis (at least twice a week)
4. Does your CEO / MD engage with employees, customers and potential customers on LinkedIn?
5. Is your CEO / MD a shining example of how Social Media should be across the organisation?

1. What is the average number of LinkedIn connections per employee?
2. What is the total number of connections across the company?
3. Are your total number of connections from employees greater than that that of the company page followers?
4. Are employees connected to current clients and target clients?
5. Are employees connected to other employees?

1. Are all sections of the company page filled in?
2. Is the company page active in terms of status updates?
3. Are the status updates generating engagement outside of company employees?
4. Are company page followers growing or they stagnant?
5. Is the company engages on community hashtags?

1. What percentage of employees have a fully completed profile (Photos / Headline / About / Experience)
2. Do all employees have LinkedIn Recommendations?
3. Are all employees linked to the company page in the experience section?
4. What is the average number of profile views for employees over the last 90 days?
5. What is the average number of search appearances for employees over the last week?

1. What is the average LinkedIn SSI score for employees?
2. What is the percentage of employees have posted in the last 7 days?
3. What is the percentage of employees has a post in the last week that achieved more than 20 comments?
4. What is the percentage of employees that comment on connections posts?
5. Is there a variety to employee posts or are they sharing similar updates?

1. Could you be doing more on LinkedIn as a company?
2. Could you encourage your employees to be more active on LinkedIn?
3. Is there are training requirement for some / all employees on LinkedIn?
4. What framework do you need in place to measure KPI’s and Success of a long term LinkedIn marketing strategy?
5. If you master LinkedIn could you look at other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and blogging?

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