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Alex Altrincham HQ

Alex Altrincham HQ

#10factsaboutme is trending on twitter now and inspired by a blog post by @latterash I thought i’d share 10 Things About The Man Behind Altrincham HQ

So Alex McCann – owner of Altrincham HQ – here’s a get to know me fact sheet!

  1. I was once chosen as Altrincham’s 2nd most beautiful baby in our local baby contest…. would have been 1st but they alternated each year between boy and girl winners 🙂
  2. At the age of 9 or 10 I sang for the Queen at Manchester Airport as part of Navigation Primary School Choir to celebrate the opening of the new terminal
  3. I used to be a journalist. The first interview I ever did was Russell T Davies who at the time was known for writing Queer As Folk and is now better known for reviving Doctor Who. The last people I interviewed, which I came out of retirement for, were Jedward
  4. I set up one of Manchester’s very first music websites in 1999 and grew it from zero readers to 10,000 readers a week
  5. I also own an music events company. Our biggest ever event was Hungry Pigeon – an arts and music festival which attracted 15,000 people in Piccadilly Gardens and venues across the Northern Quarter
  6. I managed a fantastic indie pop band called The Mandigans, who were and still are the youngest band ever to have a national XFM Radio Session
  7. In 2012 I was an Olympic Torch Bearer for services to music and in particular for our All Ages Music Events in Sale and Altrincham
  8. In the last Last year I raised over £1000 for charity with 3 events which included Walking On Fire, running up 798 stairs of the Beetham Tower (the tallest skyscraper outside London) and doing a 5k run dressed at Santa for MUFC
  9. I realised the importance of Social Media and local earlier than most – before Altrincham HQ came into existence we had a loyal following of thousands of Altrincham locals on Myspace many years back
  10. Over the years i’ve been interviewed on national radio / TV by Andy Crane, Terry Christian and Susanna Reid

This is My Truth, Tell Me Yours – i’d love to hear 10 Things About You that we might not know, post them in the comments section

People buy from People and it’s these stories and facts that make you beautiful

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