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To build a successful business you really have to love your business

Successful businesses are never built without passion, grit, determination and love

Here are 10 Steps To Building A Successful Business

1. Seek Out New Opportunities
Loving your business often means a constant state of restlessness

You often find successful business owners are never satisfied with what they have and want to keep growing the business even more

Ideas are constantly flowing and seeking out new opportunities is something they do daily

The new opportunity might be prospecting, launching new services / products, new partnerships, new side businesses

A person who loves their business rarely stays still and says that’s my lot

2. Read Regularly
Successful business owners read regularly – from blogs to business books

They’ll seek out ideas that validate their viewpoint

They’ll seek out ideas that challenge their viewpoint

They’ll want to learn from the best

Reading brings you the best business mentors at your fingers tips and it’s something successful business owners do at every opportunity possible

3. Invest In Training
Successful business owners treat education as importantly in adulthood as they did in childhood

They invest in training for themselves and they invest in training for their staff

They see training as something that will add value to the business and help it grow

Getting a foundation and understanding of something is the difference between then being able to experiment versus dabbling in something without knowledge

A study back in 2014 found that companies that offer comprehensive training enjoy a 24 percent higher profit margin than those who spend less on training

4. Network
Every opportunity is a networking opportunity

It doesn’t just have to be in a formal networking meeting and successful business owners realise that

It can be a party, a coffee shop or at the gym

Networking plays an important part in the growth of business and like seeking out new opportunities, it’s something you have to do regularly

You have to expand your number of contacts and you have to nurture your relationships with existing contacts

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5. Work Hard
The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary

There are businesses who want to work part time hours for a full time wage

That isn’t how business works

Successful business owners have a strong work ethic – they will regularly work outside of 9-5, they’ll work weekends – they’ll work hard to build their business so they can step back in later years

6. Promote Daily
The only business owners who don’t promote their business daily are ones that don’t 100% believe in what they’re offering

Without promotion something terrible happens … nothing

People knowing about and being reminded of your business is something that has to be done daily

Recent research revealed humans have shorter attention span than goldfish, thanks to smartphones

Daily promotion is important as people won’t remember what you posted a day ago never mind a week ago

7. Make Sacrifices
Running a successful business means making sacrifices

You’re probably the last person in the pub on a Friday night due to finishing off the last bit of work, you probably don’t watch as much TV as your 9-5 friends and you never totally switch off unless you go on holiday

The thing is – it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice, because you love what you do so much

That’s the core difference. Business owners who don’t love what they do will burnout quickly and start to resent the things they have to sacrifice to grow the business. That’s when they start doing more of the social things they love and less of the business things they should love.

8. Outsource or Delegate
Successful business owners have acute awareness of what they do well, what they don’t do well, what they could be trained in to do better and what would be better outsourced to a professional

They don’t try and do everything themselves – they realise outsourcing or delegation is key to growth

Loving something means letting some things go and often it’s control when you run your own business

Outsourcing can make you feel uneasy at 1st, but once you do it you’ll never look back and think why you didn’t do it earlier

9. Help Others
Successful business owners always try and help those around them

They want people to come on the same journey as them

Givers gain is a cliché in networking circles, but it works. Position yourself as a person who constantly helps others and you’ll find lots of people want to help you

Helping others is helping yourself – but helping people is for life, not just until you get something back

10. Take Care Of Their Health
Taking care of your health if often something people don’t realise until years later in business

Years of eating badly take their toll. A health scare happens. They start to feel fatigue

And then people realise success can only happen for so long if you don’t take care of your health

Successful business owners will always make time for exercise, meditation and mindfulness

Your health is your wealth

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