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Social Media is an art form and for the unsuspecting small business it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, to separate those that truly know what they’re talking about and those that have the gift of the gab

Previously we have talked about How To Choose Your Social Media Manager or Trainer (click here ) and we’ve looked at whether you should use Social Media Services from a non-Social Media company i.e a web designer, PR company etc here (click here )

We’ve looked at 3 Reasons You Should Use Local Businesses Over Government Funded Services ( click here  ) and we’ve looked at how you should truly measure the return of your marketing – the lifetime value of a customer here (click here )

Now I want to explain the reasons you should use Altrincham HQ for Social Media Marketing

1. We Believe That Social Media Should Deliver A ROI As Well As Engagement
We could talk for hours about creative interesting unique content that resonates with the audience that is then spread through that audience to reach a much wider audience. And sure – we do exactly all that behind the scenes and keep you in the loop

When it comes to any form of marketing, be it Social Media Marketing or traditional marketing, it all ends with the question of did it generate a return for the £££s spent

We firmly believe Social Media should deliver a ROI as well as the warm fuzzy feelings that come from engagement

2. We Have Over 450 LinkedIn Recommendations For Social Media Marketing
We wrote an article on LinkedIn itself on a while back on  Why 100 LinkedIn Recommendations Are More Than Just The Numbers here (click here) and explained why

If you know LinkedIn you’ll understand why 450 Recommendations is massive.  If you don’t know LinkedIn the equivalent is ..

  • It’s like a person applying for a job, handing in a CV and instead of giving 2 references giving 400
  • It’s like TripAdvisor with a real name policy that’s linked to the reviewers business
  • It’s like Rated People, but the business doesn’t have to pay for leads and add the cost on to you
  • It’s like Which – except the people reviewing and recommending are generally all local businesses rather than journalists so you know them

With Altrincham HQ you really can use our services with 100% trust due to the sheer number of recommendations from local businesses

And if you sat here thinking “I’m a bar / restaurant / retail outlet so LinkedIn isn’t for me” – read this blog here before disregarding –

Planning Your Social Media
3. We Spend 200+ Hours Per Month Running Successful Social Media Campaigns
We literally live and breathe social media and spend 200+ hours a month running other businesses social media campaigns on top of our own

We spend hours soaking up the theory of daily social media changes, but more importantly we deliver them day in and day out and do successfully for a large number of clients

Because of this you cut out the guess work, the time wasting and the dabbling of running the social media yourself

You get to soak up all our experience that is constantly being upgraded on a day by day basis

4. We Work Across A Number Of Different Industries

In truth there are very few industries we haven’t work with in terms of Social Media Training or Management

In the last 12 months we’ve managed accounts for Restaurants, Retail, Technology, Management, Fitness & health industry, Beauty Businesses and Social Enterprises

In the last 12 months the types of business and industries we’ve trained in Social Media include Health & Beauty, PR Companies, Drinks companies, retail outlets, Charities, Financial, solicitors, Tech Businesses, Architects, Medical, Publishing, Property, Hospitality, Domiciliary Care, Fashion, Education, Pubs and Bars, Photographers, Mortgage Advisors and Antiques.

5. We Specialise In Social Media Marketing & Bring In Other Marketing Specialists
We’re proud of the fact we specialise in Social Media Marketing rather than spread ourselves thin by handling everything in terms of online and offline marketing

Social Media is a wide remit in itself from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogging, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and many many more popping up each month

We’d rather focus on what we do best, than trying to upsell you on other services that we don’t specialise in

When it comes to other forms of marketing we have a team of external companies who work with us on Web Design, SEO, Video Production through to offline marketing such as Graphic Design, Print and Flyer Delivery

Even if you don’t use our Social Media Services we’re happy to recommend all our network with trust

Hungry Pigeon Festival - Live in Piccadilly Gardens Manchester (Photo by Karen McBride)

Hungry Pigeon Festival – Live in Piccadilly Gardens Manchester (Photo by Karen McBride)

6. We Have Over 20 Years Experience In A Wide Variety of Marketing Functions
Just because we specialise in Social Media doesn’t mean we don’t have a background in other marketing functions

For the past 20 years we’ve worked in various industries from journalism to event management to PRing events.

We’ve written for the BBC, been published in the States, our most read blog has been read by over half a million people, ran 15,000 capacity festivals and successfully ran PR campaigns that have ended up on the front page of the Manchester Evening News and national press in the Observer, Telegraph, Guardian and radio on Radio 1, XFM and 6Music.

In short – we understand marketing!

Where Are Your Customer's Eyes?
7. We Work With A Number Of Businesses Who Only Market Their Business Via Social Media
Marketing is simply attracting attention where your customer eyes are – it just so happens that at this moment in time it is Social Media where people’s eyes are!

The question often raised to us is, is there a way of measuring the return of Social Media? Well a number of our clients the ONLY marketing they do for their business is Social Media

There is no greater a test of Social Media than if no other marketing is being done

8. Everything We Train Businesses In We Actually Use Ourselves
This may seem like a prerequisite to Social Media Training, but believe it or not we know of many Social Media Training companies that rarely use the platforms they train in

And some of the guilty parties are reasonably well known in the North West

We’re happy for you to look at our own Social Media profiles (look top right of this page for links) to see how we use them on a day to day basis – and if you’re checking out a number of companies please do your diligent research on all companies before you commit

9. We Offer Short Term Social Media Management Contracts
Although well established, we’re a small business as well – so we remember exactly what it was like when starting up or committing to long term outgoings

As such we offer Short Term Social Media Management Contracts of just 3 months and then rolling monthly from that point on

Social Media is not an instant win so does need the time investment of a few months to show it’s truly working for you and the cost is significantly less than that of committing to traditional marketing

All the businesses we’re working with currently are out of their initial 3 month period (many are 3-4 years down the line now) apart from the most recent client we took on a few days before writing this blog

Big Black Book
10. We have a large black book of contacts to help you in all areas of your business

Through networking both online and offline for the past 5 years we have a black book of businesses and people we can recommend

One of the hardest things about running a business is building your own personal network and we believe in much more than just providing our services

We like to connect local businesses together so that the whole local business community grows

Whatever type of service you need we’re 99.9% confident that we know somebody reliable or one of our contacts does

Chat to us about Social Media Marketing for YOUR organisation , so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your organisation

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting with you

Look at our Social Media Training and Social Media Management services


Please call Alex on 07806774279 or email

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