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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” Aristotle

How many of you have slipped into the habits of just not doing Social Media?
How many of you have slipped into the habits of dabbling with Social Media and not really achieving anything?
How many of you have really focused on your social media with intent?

These small daily habits for Social Media Marketing will make a huge difference to your Social Media Success

1. Diarise Your Social Media

For many business owners if Social Media isn’t diarised it simply won’t be done

Emails, meetings, work will get in the way

First of all you need to have a set time of the day when Social Media is the sole focus of your day. Just 10-15 minute blocks that are diarised in as immovable regardless of how the day pans out

I’m also a big fan of writing down the Top 10 things to do that day in an actionable list

Writing a to-do-list the night before which prioritises your important Social Media tasks of the following day is a sure fire way get the important stuff on Social Media done

Marketing is one of the most important activities your business does each day and Social Media should definitely be on the To Do List with specific details about what you want to achieve that day

When you diarise your whole day and have specific social media tasks in mind – you waste less time on the social media noise and spend more time on the things that matter

Business Growth
2. Be Growth Focused
Growing your audience a little each day should be one of your key priorities and daily tasks

Businesses think far too small when it comes to their Social Media Growth.

Being a hidden gem is not a thing to be proud of – it means far too few people know you exist

Just 5 new twitter followers / LinkedIn connections / Facebook likes a day would add up 1825 new people that know your name over a year

Awareness is the 1st part of marketing. Action is the 2nd part of marketing

People can’t buy off you unless they know you exist so part of your daily habits should be connecting with new people

3. Engage With New Connections
I have 30,000 connections across the various Social Media platforms and I reach over 600,000 screens a month

The gratitude I have for that will never diminish

Businesses don’t realise how much easier the world of business is with Social Media

And for that reason I engage and chat to new connections every day

If you don’t it’s like going to a networking meeting, picking up the business cards from the bumf table and not chatting to anyone

Social Media is built on relationships and a simple hello will open doors

Whether you have 2 followers or 200,000 followers, you’re not above saying hello

Do this daily

4. Educate Yourself
LinkedIn and Medium are great places to educate yourself

Choosing the right online mentor can really impact how you see your business, how you grow your business and the level of ambition you have for your business

Social Media has made the world a much smaller place and you can have the worlds greatest minds at your fingertips

Whether you treat these mentors as morning motivation or read an article before you write tomorrow’s To Do List set aside 5-10 minutes a day to learn more

Education and learning is never a waste of time

Reach Higher
5. Reach Higher / Refer Sideways / Pull Up
This 3 step phrase is a real blueprint for Social Media Success

Reach Higher – Engage With The Influencers & Tastemakers In Your Market
Refer Sideways – Always look out for opportunities to help those in your immediate network
Pull Up – Support new startup businesses who need a helping hand

By focusing on these 3 areas each day, it’s giving clarity to who you specifically engage with

Having that in mind at all times makes Social Media Engagement super easy

Be Creative
6. Be Creative
Produce something new every single day

As children we produced pictures and stories at school and got rewarded for it

As adults and business owners you can produce pictures and stories and get rewarded for it

It’s called content marketing

Producing something every day doesn’t mean you have to blog every single day. It can be something as simple as a one line quote, a social media tile or a short facebook live video

Focus on your core messages and produce a series of content around it

Altrincham Clock
7. Think Local
More than likely you’re reading because you work locally and you care about local businesses

You go to local business networking events because you want to work locally

And then you go on Social Media and don’t seem to care about the local business market

3 very simple daily tasks can get you noticed locally
– Search your local towns twitter hashtag and engage with other local businesses
– Respond to a post in a Manchester based LinkedIn Group
– Be active in your local towns facebook group

All of the above options – think of the motto we mentioned earlier of Reach Higher / Refer Sideways / Pull Up

8. Give Yourself Permission To Sell
Are you allowed to sell on Social Media?

Of course – it’s ultimately why you’re using Social Media

There’s a big confusion over social media selling because in many respects it’s the soft sells (the blogs, the engagement, the human element) that is focused on in social media blogs

Do all of the soft sells and it’s perfectly acceptable to hard sell your services

I go for a hard sales message at least once a day on Social Media – it’s blatant, it’s in your face, it’s unavoidable, it works!

In percentage terms my hard sales messages are very low – but if you don’t ask for the sale, you won’t get the sale

Measure Success
9. Measure Measure Measure
If you can measure something you can improve on it

From Twitter Analytics to Facebook Insights. From Instagram Analytics to Google Analytics. Your Social Media marketing and blogging efforts are measurable

To do Social Media Marketing effectively you need to spend as much time on the geeky analytics as you do with the sexy creative

Discover your inner Sexy Geek

Analytics fuels everything we do on Social Media and we listen to the feedback from the audience about which content they want more of

It pays to listen to your audience. They’re the ones that are going to buy from you. Give them more of what they want or lose them

10. Remind Yourself Of Business Goals

If what you’re doing on Social Media isn’t aligned with your business goals then it’s not good for business

Remind yourself each day of your business goals and reflect each day if what you have done on Social Media has been pushing towards them

You’d be amazed at how many don’t refer back to their business goals more than once a year

Do more than the average

Chat to about Social Media Marketing for YOUR business so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your business

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting to you

Look at our Social Media Training and Social Media Management services


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