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Social Media Marketing
For Solicitors

Staff struggling to convey core values on social media?

Want to humanise your social media output?

Want to get the whole legal team blogging?

Staff not utilised LinkedIn since they joined your practice?

Can convey everything face 2 face with a client, but struggle with a keyboard or phone?

Just don’t know where to start with Social Media?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions you need to chat to Altrincham HQ about our Social Media For Solicitors – we’ve helped countless firms go from zero to heroes on Social Media with easy to understand jargon free training

Who is Social Media For Solicitors Training for?

Heads Of Department
Trainee Solicitors
Office Managers

Which platforms can you cover?

  • LinkedIn
  • Blogging
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Analytics
  • Facebook

What will you learn in our workshops?

Our Social Media workshops are bespoke to your business – but can cover…

  • The Mechanics – How to use each of the Social Media Channels
  • Content Curation – How to find interesting articles / news to share
  • Marketing Message – How to be human with social media whilst still sticking to brand values
  • Time Management – How to manage social media even in 30 minutes a day
  • Blogging – How to write blogs that convert and idea generation
  • Analytics – How to track what is working on your website and social media

Scenario 1

As a firm you’ve struggled with social media.

You’ve used a number of external PR & Marketing agencies to manage your social media marketing and each post gets less than 5 likes on it.

At times you’ve felt like just giving up on social media.

You decide to give it one last shot and manage everything in house and train 10 key members of staff (5 of the commercial team on LinkedIn and 5 of the family law team on Facebook and Instagram).

The staff are inspired immediately and start off keen posting several times a week. Over time it can drop a little when staff are busy but the activity levels are on social media are 10x what they were before training.

Within 12 months you’ve seen turnover for the company increase by 15% and many of those new clients are coming from social media.

Scenario 2

You’d never have thought that TikTok would be a key part of the business.

Even the children at home started laughing when you said you were having TikTok training in the office.

But through the training you decided to focus on 5 key subjects that are relevant to 20-30 years olds and you base all content around that.

You go with the idea of making serious subjects entertaining.

The staff absolutely love it and it reenergises everything they’re doing.

Not only that you become one of the most well-known law firms on Social Media with most of your videos being viewed 30,000+ times.

Because of this, not only are you getting a steady stream of enquiries through TikTok, but you’re finding recruitment a lot easier because people want to work for a forward thinking firm like yours.

Scenario 3

Blogging is something you’ve never done as a law firm until you started losing customers to the law firm down the road, who were blogging twice a week.

You train all key members of staff and it’s agreed that each of the 8 members of staff training simply need to write 1 blog a month.

It’s manageable for everyone and it means you cover a wide range of subjects that are discussed in advance with the marketing manager.

Initially you don’t think it’s working, but you think back to what the trainer said in that “blogging generates income for years to come, but takes a while to see it’s impact on google”

12 months later you do an analysis of your website and see traffic is double what it was 12 months ago.

And when you delve deeper into which areas the business is growing you notice it’s the subjects you’ve been writing about.

Because of this you train another 8 members of staff which means you can post new content 4x a week to further increase website traffic and client conversions.

How Long Do The Workshops Last?

Dependent on your needs we can offer
* Half Day
* Full Day


“Alex provides clear no nonsense advice to companies on social media strategy.

Not only does he show you how it works, tips, advice, ideas and how much time you should devote, he also explains what not to waste time on.

He also has evidence to support his advice, as a lawyer the most important thing!

Thanks Alex for an invaluable insight. I will now go forward and act on everything you have taught” Jonathan Wall, Lawyer, Burton Copeland

“Thanks for the training session with four of our fee earners. Their twitter activity has increased, but more importantly we have gained new business as a direct result of this activity. An enjoyable session with great results-well done!” Andrew McHale, McHale & Co

“I was recommended to Alex by Burton Copeland Solicitors who had found his knowledge of social media in a marketing context to be of great use. We had a very informal session which was a real eye opener. The tips provided were ones that I am sure will benefit our business. His off the cuff ideas that were specific to our business were spot on and I would have offered him a job if I thought he would be remotely interested and if we could actually afford him! Great session” David Wright, Senior Clerk at Lincoln House Chambers

“Alex really knows how to make Twitter work from a business perspective. He was calm and patient and explained things clearly, both how to use the tools and how to use them effectively. I would definitely recommend him for anyone who wants to maximise their use of social media.” Phillipa Wright, McHale & Co

“I arranged for Alex to provide blogging and social media training to one of my clients.

The workshop he delivered was both informative and provided every attendee with clear actions to enable them to put his tips into practice immediately. He was also able to work within our budgets and tailor the session accordingly.

The feedback from the client was very positive and I would recommend his service to other businesses” Anna Simpkins, on behalf of MLP

“Alex provided an excellent service to me recently, introducing me to the world of social media. He demystified a lot of the jargon for me and guided me through all the steps I needed to enhance my skills, showing much patience! Alex is also available to deal with any queries and clarify any issues which might arise afterwards. I would be more than happy to recommend Alex to meet your social media training needs” Roberto Lavorini, Solicitor at McHale & Co Solicitors

Contact Us For A Quote

So we can prepare the best possible quote let us know…

  • A little information about your solicitors firm
  • Which platforms you currently use
  • Your objectives for the session
  • Duration of the session
  • Number of people attending

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