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Social Media Training for Hotels

Take 2 minutes out to ask yourself these questions

Are you constantly under capacity?
Are you worried about the new hotel in town that is getting all the attention?
Are you struggling to capitalise on visitors in town for large scale events?
Do you have meeting rooms / conference facilities that are rarely used?
Do you want to increase bookings on party nights?
Do you want to increase your rankings on TripAdvisor?
If you can answer yes to any of the above then our Social Media Training is for your hotel

Who are our workshops for?

* Hotel Owners
* Hotel Managers
* Marketing Managers
* Bar / Restaurant Managers
* Front Of House Staff

+ B&B Owners and Air B&B hosts

Which platforms can you cover?

* Facebook
* Twitter
* Instagram
* Blogging
* LinkedIn
* Analytics

What will you learn in our workshops?

Over a half / full days training you will find out:

  • How to build and grow an audience on Social Media
  • How to convert followers and likes into customers
  • How to increase engagement across Social Media
  • How to develop a Social Media Strategy
  • How to define your marketing message
  • How to humanise your brands Social Media
  • How to leverage user generated content
  • How to actively search for potential customers
  • How to turn TripAdvisor from a negative to a positive
  • How to measure the success of social media campaign
  • How to manage your social media in under 30 minutes a day

How Long Do The Workshops Last?

Dependent on your needs we can offer
* Half Day
* Full Day


So we can prepare the best possible quote let us know

* A little information about your hotel / B&B / Air BnB
* Which platforms you currently use
* Your objectives for the session
* Duration of the session
* Number of people attending

Email ALEX@ALTRINCHAMHQ.CO.UK or call Alex on 07806774279

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