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Social Media Training for Events

Before running Altrincham HQ full time I spent 10 years organising events from 250 capacity venues to 15,000 capacity arts festivals

Now I’m booked as a Social Media Speaker at National Conferences across the UK

  • Do you want more attendees for you events?
  • Constantly discounting to get bums on seats?
  • Your events not as popular as they used to be?
  • Looking to launch an event in a new market?
  • Struggling to keep up with content for your events?
  • Struggling to get audience engagement during events?
  • Want to launch a Twitter Chat ahead of your event?
  • Have a perfect lead in campaign for your event, but struggle with Social Media on the day of events?

If this sounds like your business – then Altrincham HQ’s Social Media For Events workshop can help

Who are our workshops for?

* Event Professionals
* Exhibition Companies
* Promoters
* PR Companies
* Business Chambers
* Networking Groups

Which platforms can you cover?

* Twitter
* LinkedIn
* Blogging
* Instagram
* Facebook
* Analytics

What will you learn in our workshops?

Over a half / full days training you will find out

  • Find out what platforms work for your business and why
  • How to build awareness about your events
  • How to build your mailing list for the event
  • How to curate content for your event campaign
  • How to leverage industry tastemakers and influencers
  • How to encourage user generated content
  • How to make social media an integral part of your event (rather than an add on)
  • How to manage your social media on the day (s) of the event
  • How to extend the conversation post event for more awareness
  • … and much more

How Long Do The Workshops Last?

Dependent on your needs we can offer
* Half Day
* Full Day


So we can prepare the best possible quote let us know

* A little information about your business
* Which platforms you currently use
* Your objectives for the session
* Duration of the session
* Number of people attending

Email ALEX@ALTRINCHAMHQ.CO.UK or call Alex on 07806774279

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