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Social media training for charities and the voluntary sector

Why Social Media Training for charities?

In short if people don’t know that your charity exists, don’t know how you help people and don’t know how to get involved then your charity will not perform to it’s full potential

  • In a recent survey over a third (38%) of people could not name a local charity in their area
  • In the same survey 50% of those who said they did not donate to any local charities gave the reason as not knowing enough about them
  • In a survey by Comres more than half of small charity respondents said that greater awareness of their charities would be the biggest help

What will our Social Media Training For Charities help with?

  • Platforms & Content – Which platforms are best for your charity? Why use them? What are the benefits of each platform? Which content works best on each platform?
  • Telling Your Story – A compelling narrative is key for gaining support, volunteers and donations.
  • Volunteers – Enrolling Volunteers, how to hero and keep then and how not to alienate potential volunteers
  • Fundraising – How to win over individual / coporate fundraisers for you charity and how to support them along their journey
  • Time Management – How to manage you social media whilst running your charity?
  • Measurement – How to measure your social media marketing against your KPI’s

Which platforms can you cover?


How Long Do The Workshops Last?

Dependent on your needs we can offer

– Half Day
– Full Day


So we can prepare the best possible quote let us know

* A little information about your charity
* Which platforms you currently use
* Your objectives for the session
* Duration of the session
* Number of people attending

Email ALEX@ALTRINCHAMHQ.CO.UK or call Alex on 07806774279

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