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Social Media Training – Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Social Media training take place?
Most people come to our Altrincham HQ base in Altrincham or if you’d prefer we can come to your office / home to deliver the training

The training is hands on – so all we ask is you are able to bring your laptop and a pen … and we provide the training manual for you to make notes in

When is your next available date for Social Media Training?
All our available dates over the next few weeks / month are on our Social Media Training page HTTPS://ALTRINCHAMHQ.CO.UK/SERVICES/SOCIAL-MEDIA-TRAINING/

Simply call Alex on 07806774279 to book once you have a date in mind

There are lots of Social Media Trainers locally – why you?
Hopefully you’ll have read our TESTIMONIALS and CASE STUDIES already

But in short
* I have 17 years marketing experience as a journalist, events manager and Social Media Marketer – fundamentally I understand marketing and was working in marketing prior to setting up Altrincham HQ
* I have 160+ LinkedIn Recommendations for Social Media Marketing – roughly double / triple that of other local Social Media Marketing Businesses
* I deliver results time and time again for management clients (Over 90% of our current clients have extended their initial 3-6 month contract / Over 50% of our clients we’ve been working with for a number of years)
* I practice what I preach – everything I train businesses on from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Blogging – I do – many trainers just train and don’t practice

Is the social media training just for beginners or more experienced users?
As the training is 121 it’s completely tailored to the business in front of us

So while we can start at the absolute basics from set up – we can equally go in-depth into Stats, Analytics and indepth marketing strategy

To give you an idea one of the businesses we have delivered training to had been using Social Media for over 3 years, had over 7500 twitter followers and 55,000 facebook fans. You don’t get much bigger than that!

Do you offer group Social Media Training Sessions?
We don’t offer group training for multiple businesses BUT we do offer group training for a number of people from within the same business, for example an MD and Marketing Director in the same session

Far too often we speak to businesses that have attended group training sessions or online courses that are vague at best and at worst barely skim the surface of what social media can offer

At Altrincham HQ we look at your business individually and work out a strategy for it that you can then take away and win business straight away

Am I able to ask questions after the training itself?
Yes of course – because we do the training 121 it allows us to know specifically about your business and we also actively monitor your feeds for a month after to check you’re on the right track when implementing

Any questions usually pop up in the week or 2 after so yes please ask away – we want to win business after training with us

The company is called Altrincham HQ – do you work with businesses outside of Altrincham?
Our skillsets are universal – so yes!

We work predominantly in Manchester and Cheshire, but have worked with businesses across the North West and across the UK

A number of our Social Media Management clients work internationally

I’m not near Manchester / Cheshire – Do you offer Social Media training via Skype?
Nothing beats the personal touch of being in the room together on a hands on training session – but we’re happy to if it’s easier for you.

We have trained businesses in London via Skype and the training has been a huge success

To make this work we do ask that payment is made upfront for Skype Social Media Training Session and we sent our training manual the day before so you can print and write notes on it


Can I do a Full Days Social Media Training rather than half day?
Where possible we would recommend 2 Half Days Training Sessions over 1 Full Days Training – but a full days training is possible

The reason we suggest 2 half days training is it gives time for the information to process, time to implement and come back to the 2nd session refreshed and ready to learn more


Alex McCann – 07806 774279 or email ALEX@ALTRINCHAMHQ.CO.UK

If you’re not ready for Social Media Training – but maybe interested in the future – please join our mailing list here HTTP://EEPURL.COM/DAPEI

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